PACE via Ukraine adopts a program to solidify LGBTI people: what's coming

09 February 2022 22:19
Will the Ukrainian government be responsive to the PACE demands for the protection of LGBT people? Photo: UOJ Will the Ukrainian government be responsive to the PACE demands for the protection of LGBT people? Photo: UOJ

Trans-medicine, LGBT education for children and prison for combating sodomites: PACE adopted a Resolution on combating hate against LGBT people. What awaits Christians?

On December 25, 2021, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted document 15425 "Combating rising hate against LGBTI people in Europe". Despite the fight against hatred declared in the title, this is, in fact, a policy document to promote the ideology of LGBT people with direct guidelines to European states. First of all, this document is directed against Christians. Why – we analyze in the article.

Who is for and who is against?

Before starting to analyze the provisions of the Resolution, it makes sense to look at who voted for the promotion of LGBT ideology and who voted against. 72 delegates voted in favor, including delegations at full strength from such countries as Greece, Cyprus, Ukraine and Serbia. True, one delegate was absent from the Serbian delegation, but the other three voted in favor. These states are usually referred to as Orthodox, and the fact that they voted for the promotion of LGBT people leads to bad judgments.

The delegations of Russia and Poland (two delegates each) voted against the Resolution in full force. Poland has long been criticized for opposing LGBT rampage. Until recently, in this country, some territories were marked with signs as LGBT-free territories. Russia's position, basically, requires no comment. Also, two out of three delegates from Turkey, two out of five from Great Britain, one out of four from Belgium and two out of five from Germany voted against the Resolution as well.

The position of the opponents of the Resolution from Poland, Russia, Turkey and the UK is explained, among other things, by the fact that the very text of Resolution 15425 states that in these countries the situation with LGBT rights is recognized as “particularly depressing”. But the fact that representatives from Germany and Belgium voted against suggests that there are people in these states who are not afraid to go against the mainstream.

Three Ukrainians voted in PACE: Yulia Ovchinnikova and Maria Mezentseva from the Servant of the People faction and Lesya Vasilenko from the Holos faction. Yevgenia Kravchuk and Marina Bardina (Servant of the People) also spoke in support of the Resolution. They did not have the right to vote, but their position was noticed and approved by LGBT activists. What does this unanimity mean? The conclusion that lies on the surface is the following: there is a consensus in the current Ukrainian government on the issue of following the pro- European course. If this course leads to the triumph of sodomy and rejection of the traditional values of our people, then so much the worse for traditional values.

There is a consensus in the current Ukrainian government on the issue of following the pro-European course. If it leads to the rejection of traditional values, then so much the worse for traditional values.

But if we compare the simultaneous support by the Ukrainian authorities of the LGBT positions alongside the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) (moreover, not just support, but very active), we get an amusing picture: either the authorities view the OCU as just an attribute of independence and don’t give a damn about Orthodoxy as such, or they hope that the OCU will soon recognize homosexual marriages and gender ideology, as it has been done by Protestant denominations in Europe, and what the Catholic Church is actively moving towards. However, these two options are not mutually exclusive.

Action and counteraction

The PACE Resolution noted both the promotion of LGBT rights in European countries and the growing opposition to this ideology. Actually, the title of the Resolution “Combating rising hate of LGBTI people in Europe” already says a lot.

First of all, the deputies pointed out from whom, in their opinion, the threat comes, and also what are the reasons for this threat. Thus, Paragraph 2 of the Resolution states: “The Parliamentary Assembly notes with deep concern that a significant proportion of hate speech, vilification and scapegoating of LGBTI people, as well as broad attacks on the exercise of their civil rights, have come from political figures and leaders, including government representatives, as well as from religious leaders.”

Everything is more or less clear regarding the “political figures”, as it implies that the triumph of sodomy is encountering resistance at the state level in the countries referred to by name. Thus, Paragraph 3 states that the Assembly “condemns with particular force the extensive and often virulent attacks on the rights of LGBTI people that have been occurring for several years in, amongst other countries, Hungary, Poland, the Russian Federation, Turkey and the United Kingdom.”

Separate attention should be paid to the mention of "religious leaders", whom PACE considers a threat to LGBT ideology. In this conceptual framework, the situation is presented in such a way that religious leaders are engaged in hate speech, vilification and scapegoating of LGBTI people, as well as broad attacks on the exercise of their civil rights. But the fact is that religious leaders, if they dare make statements on these issues, represent the point of view of their religions. More specifically, they claim that LGBT ideology is contrary to Scripture and is recognized by Christianity as a sin.

Everything will end up with the European countries and nations facing a choice: either the Holy Scriptures or the LGBT ideology.

This is true, and therefore the next logical step is accusing Christianity of “hate speech, vilification and scapegoating of LGBTI people.” The consciousness of most modern people, especially in the West, simply cannot contain the call of Christianity to hate the sins but to love the sinner. This means there is an equal sign between hatred of sodomy and hatred of LGBT people. Ultimately, everything will end up with the European countries and nations facing a choice: either the Holy Scriptures or the LGBT ideology. In this context, it is impossible not to mention one indicative trial currently taking place in Finland.

Bible or LGBT

Two years ago, the former Interior Minister of Finland, Päivi Räsänen, posted the following on Twitter: “They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error."

Räsänen cited this quote from the Epistle to the Romans by St. Paul the Apostle as a reaction to the support of the LGBT movement by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The police qualified this as a violation of the article on discrimination and humiliation of human dignity, opened a criminal case and took it to court. The first meeting took place at the end of January 2022 and was highly emotional. Thus, the prosecutor demanded a guilty verdict and bluntly stated in court that "the Bible incites hatred." In turn, Päivi Räsänen declares, “The Bible is a matter of life and death for me. I didn't mean to offend anyone. The materials that gave rise to the legal action are related to the biblical teaching on marriage.”

Whatever the decision of the court (which is expected around April 2022), the very fact of the trial indicates that society is facing exactly this choice: the Bible or LGBT. If it’s the ex-head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that is found guilty, then it will be a significant precedent: a person may be sent to prison for quoting Holy Scripture. Päivi Räsänen's lawyer, Paul Coleman, said, “The prosecution says that a person should choose between the Bible and Finnish law, as if these things contradict each other. It feels like we are in a medieval trial of heretics, only the other way around – a staunch Christian Päivi Räsänen opposed the foundations of the ‘new religion’.”

It feels like we are in a medieval trial of heretics, only the other way around – a staunch Christian Päivi Räsänen opposed the foundations of the "new religion".

Attorney Paul Coleman

Perhaps, so far the legislation of European countries is textual and does not directly contradict the Bible. However, if the states comply with all the requirements of the PACE or any other European institutions, then it’s not very long away. These requirements are discussed below, but for now let's turn to the text of the Resolution, which speaks of the irreconcilable contradiction between traditional values and foundations of LGBT ideology.

The main LGBT narrative

This main narrative is notoriginal. It is expressed most clearly in the BLM ideology: whites have oppressed blacks for so long and cruelly that now they must pay and repent, as well as promote black rights wherever possible and in all available ways. The same works for LGBT ideology. They say that only hatred, aggression and violence come from supporters of traditional principles in relation to LGBT people. This means that LGBT people must be protected as a priority and given advantages over normal people. Just appreciate the pathos of the Resolution.

“(...) highly conservative movements seek to stifle the identities and realities of all those who challenge the cis- and heteronormative social constructs which perpetuate gender inequalities and gender-based violence in our societies, and which affect women as well as LGBTI people.”

That is, adherence to traditional values is called “expressions of homophobia, biphobia, transphobia and intersexphobia." How can one not feel sorry for these "poor people"!

But the authors of the Resolution do not stop there: “The Assembly condemns the highly prejudicial anti-gender, gender-critical and anti-trans narratives which reduce the fight for the equality of LGBTI people to what these movements deliberately mis-characterize as “gender ideology” or “LGBTI ideology”. Such narratives deny the very existence of LGBTI people, dehumanize them, and often falsely portray their rights as being in conflict with women’s and children’s rights, or societal and family values in general. All of these are deeply damaging to LGBTI people, while also harming women’s and children’s rights and social cohesion.”

Particularly touching are the passages about the infringement of the rights of women and children! That is, when teenagers and even children are forced into a gender ideology in schools, when psychologists explain their teenage problems by saying that they were “born in the wrong body,” when minors undergo gender reassignment surgery, this is not a violation of the rights of the child. But when children are instilled with a biblical understanding of family, marriage, morality, and so on, these are “highly prejudicial anti-gender, gender-critical and anti-trans narratives.”

Having picturesquely depicted LGBT people as innocent victims of hatred and violence from supporters of traditional values, PACE moves on to what states should do to ensure their rights.

To repeal laws protecting traditional values

The Resolution calls on European states to prohibit any norms that protect traditional values and reinforce the traditional understanding of the basic norms of social and family life in their legislation and particularly in the constitutions of their countries. All existing norms of this kind should be abolished.

The fact that these are not just general appeals is evidenced by the fact that the Resolution indicates which specific countries should do this, and what exactly they should repeal.

Subparagraph 12.1 reads: “the Hungarian authorities to repeal with immediate effect all the measures adopted in May 2020, December 2020 and June 2021 that prevent individuals who need it from obtaining the legal recognition of their gender identity, preclude children from obtaining recognition of their gender identity when it is different from the sex assigned to them at birth, bar adoption by anyone other than married, heterosexual couples, block access to comprehensive sexuality education, and ban the portrayal of trans identities and homosexuality. As stated in Opinion No. 1059/2021 of the Venice Commission, these amendments contribute to creating a threatening environment where LGBTQI children can be subject to health-related risks, bullying and harassment.”

Reading this text, one can be horrified by the injustice of the Hungarian legislators towards LGBT people. Meanwhile, in Hungary, LGBT rights are protected at a very high level. In order not to be unfounded, here are a few facts:

  • same-sex marriages legalized in the form of civil unions;
  • homosexual relations have not been legally subject to punishment since 1961;
  • the age of sexual consent for homosexual relationships is the same as for heterosexual relationships and is 14 years old;
  • the Law on Equal Treatment and the Promotion of Equal Opportunities prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in virtually all areas of social life.

The Hungarian law, which caused such a violent hysteria in Europe and, in particular, in PACE, in no way violates the rights of LGBT people. It only protects children and teenagers from propaganda of LGBT ideology. In particular, it says:

  • as part of sex education classes in schools, the relevant materials should not contain any information about the possible change of sex or promotion of homosexuality;
  • sex education classes can only be conducted by school teachers or specially certified by the state teachers or organizations, while liberal non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (promoting LGBT people) will be excluded from the process of sex education;
  • the Hungarian child protection system will protect the child's right to their own gender at birth;
  • it is prohibited to place advertising or other content targeted at young people under 18 years of age, which contains pornographic materials, sexual illustrations, promotes homosexuality or gender identity that does not match the sex assigned to them at birth;
  • TV channels broadcasting films and programs with the content described above will be required to carry an 18+ certificate and broadcast relevant materials at night.

Such a detailed consideration of the "Hungarian case" is given here because it illustrates the lie of the supporters of the LGBT ideology in the best possible way. What they call infringing on the rights of LGBT people is actually protecting children from propaganda of sodomy. The rights of LGBT people in Hungary are very well protected, but this is not enough for LGBT adepts: they want to be able to aggressively impose their ideology on society, and if they are denied this possibility, they complain about the infringement of their rights and adopt resolutions like the one under our consideration.

To ensure LGBT propaganda among children

PACE calls on states to remove all restrictions on LGBT propaganda, especially among children. Here are the requirements.

Subparagraph 12.3: “all member States having in place so called “anti-LGBTI-propaganda” laws, that is, any legislation that prevents persons and especially minors from having access to complete and objective information about the different forms of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics that exist in society, to repeal this legislation with immediate effect.”

This is nothing more than a direct call to debauch our children, for what else can the demand to lift restrictions on minors' access to “complete and objective information about the different forms of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics” mean?

Legislation in many countries restricts children's access to information about perfectly normal sexuality, while Resolution 2417 suggests that they are showered with information about all sorts of perversions.

Everyone is equal before the law, but LGBT people are more equal

The Resolution proposes tougher criminal penalties for alleged violations of LGBT rights. Subparagraph 14.2 deserves special attention: “make motivations based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics an aggravating circumstance for all ordinary offences.”

The LGBT representative is a "special caste" before the law in comparison with the ordinary person. Conversely, LGBT people get the opportunity to go unpunished when they commit various crimes.

This means that any LGBT representative is a "special caste" before the law in comparison with the ordinary person. Conversely, LGBT people get the opportunity to go unpunished when they commit various crimes. To do this, it is enough to declare oneself gay or transgender and accuse law enforcement officers of persecution on the basis of LGBT discrimination.

This method of avoiding punishment has long been tested in European countries, although it is used more often by illegal migrants than LGBT people. Once the former accuse the cops of acting out of racial hatred, it's the cops who are in trouble, not the criminals.

In any case, this paragraph opens a wide field for bias and abuse.

However, even this is not enough: it is proposed to conduct LGBT propaganda among judges and law enforcement officers so that they promote the interests of LGBT people using their official position.

Subparagraph 14.5: "fully train police, judges and prosecutors on these provisions, in order to ensure their effective application in practice and avoid impunity."

Further, in order to expand the LGBT rights, it is proposed to change the legislative framework. It’s necessary to fix the following:

  • legal recognition of gender;
  • the physical integrity of intersex people;
  • protection of homosexual "families" (by the way, they are called in the text by the beautiful term "rainbow families");
  • access to trans-specific healthcare;
  • freedom of expression, association and assembly (i.e. gay parades).

This list could be continued with further measures to ensure “LGBT rights”, but they are so radical and even shocking that it seems expedient to single them out in a separate block.

LGBT people always, everywhere and in everything

Starting from paragraph 16, Resolution 15425 generally departs from any common sense and proposes to establish a total LGBT ideology in everything.

Paragraph 16: “The Assembly further calls on all member States to:

16.1 put in place a clear human rights policy to protect and promote LGBTI equality, including a strategy and action plan with clear and measurable targets and timelines for implementing any changes to legislation, policy or practice necessary to achieve equality, and effective accountability mechanisms.”

That is, states are required to elevate the promotion of LGBT ideology to the rank of some kind of national project with the development of a strategy, an action plan with the formulation of goals and the designation of specific deadlines, changes in legislation and the establishment of reporting forms.

“16.2 mainstream the rights of LGBTI people in all key legislative, policy and other measures.”

As they say, no comment...

“16.4 ensure that children are provided with objective, non-stigmatising information on sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics.”

At this point we can't do without comments. This is not just the promotion of LGBT ideology, this is an attempt on the most precious thing a human has – our children, whom the Assembly essentially calls on to turn into sodomites. This should cause a natural rejection with anyone, just a normal person, not even a religious one.

Curiosity is embedded in childhood, as the child get familiar with the world and takes interest in everything that surrounds them. It is at this age that a person learns goodness, morality, values, friendship, and so on. But this happens if you tell a child about all the good things. But if childish consciousness is flooded with a stream of information about all sorts of perversions and obscenities, what kind of consciousness will they have in the end?

“16.5 refuse to provide funding to local, regional or national authorities or other State or non-State actors that deny the human rights of LGBTI people, and to withdraw such funding if it has already been granted.”

As already mentioned, what supporters of LGBT ideology call “the rights of LGBT people” are not rights in the conventional sense of the word, but the ability to aggressively impose their ideology on society. Those who do not agree with this should be deprived of any funding, whether it be local governments or public organizations, not to mention the central authorities. In other words, no livelihood for those who do not promote sodomy.

No livelihood for those who do not promote sodomy.

As you know, laws that are mandatory for execution are adopted by parliaments. So, the Resolution invites parliamentarians to attend to the promotion of LGBT people first of all, whereas LGBT activists should convey their narratives to parliamentarians.

“17. The Assembly strongly encourages parliamentarians to improve their understanding of the human rights challenges faced by LGBTI people in their country and abroad, by engaging bilaterally with and inviting to their parliaments local, national and umbrella civil society organisations and LGBTI human rights defenders with direct knowledge of the realities and issues at stake."

Supporters and propagandists of sodomy should reach out to MPs and convince them to promote LGBT ideology. But why do we not hear calls to invite parents with many children, orphans, the disabled, and so on, to parliament? They also have a lot of problems, they also want to get help and support, and they also want legislators to do something to improve their lives and ensure their rights. But no one, alas, calls them to parliaments.

Well, an icing on the cake the Resolution urging to change the public consciousness in general and, instead of the traditional understanding of the principles of life, to introduce one solid LGBT.

Paragraph 18: "Paradigm shifts in social and cultural understandings of gender equality, harmful masculinities and the rights and freedoms of LGBTI people are still needed in many societies in order to achieve genuine equality for LGBTI people."

What does this mean in plain language? That the words of Christ, "In the beginning of creation, God created them male and female," should become a thing of the past. Now everyone chooses whether to be a man or a woman. Moreover, everyone chooses which side to become in the words "... and he will unite with his wife, and the two will become one flesh." Not surprisingly, mental differences between the sexes must be destroyed in the new reality. The strength and masculinity of men are now "harmful"; female softness and tenderness will soon be announced inasmuch “harmful”. People must become unified.

But most importantly, the new reality destroys the worth of the family as a small Church, the divine union of two people leading each other to salvation. The Apostle Paul says that the husband must love his wife as Christ loves the Church, and the wife must obey her husband as the Lord. Who should those creatures that change their gender like gloves love and obey?


If everything written in Resolution 15425 is implemented, this will mean a complete renunciation of Christianity, of the biblical understanding of life and of those basic principles of the existence of mankind, on which it was established throughout its history until recently. This will mean we will have to give over our children to aggressive LGBT propagandists and introduce programs to support and promote sodomy in all spheres of state and public life.

Moreover, we will have to leave those not too zealous in promoting LGBT ideology destitute, and to subject those who dare to speak out against the dominance of LGBT people to exemplary criminal prosecution.

It's time to open our eyes and honestly admit that all this gender and LGBT ideology that is being promoted through the Istanbul Convention, the PACE Resolution and other international documents is not about protecting anyone's rights. This is about the aggressive imposition of debauchery and all sorts of perversions on society since childhood.

Therefore, the duty of anyone who wants themselves, their children and grandchildren to remain men and women, the God-created people, is to resist attempts of imposing LGBT ideology on our society. We reiterate that the rights of LGBT representatives are not infringed in any way in Ukraine, Hungary, Poland or even Russia. Russia, Hungary and Poland only limit the propaganda of LGBT ideology among minors.

As for Ukraine, despite the full readiness of the authorities to betray our faith, morality and traditions for the sake of the triumph of new European values, our society, our people have not yet said their word. There is hope that we will remain faithful to the biblical understanding of life and those moral principles, by which our people have lived for many centuries, and will be able to pass them on to our children.

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