Ukrainians and creeping LGBT expansion: what will our children be like?

Will Ukraine pass a law banning the promotion of homosexuality? Photo: UOJ

The VR is considering several mutually exclusive bills: banning LGBT propaganda and protecting LGBT rights. The country must make a choice. Which do we choose?

Bill 6327 on the introduction of administrative liability for the promotion of homosexuality has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration. At the same time, the agenda of the Verkhovna Rada includes toughening the punishment for violating the rights of LGBT and transgender people, while Goskino (State Cinema Committee – Trans.) spends taxpayers' money on the LGBT promoting film. Perhaps today is a fork whereby our country will appear either in the realm of hemophilia or remain a conservative country where women are called women, men – men, and sodomites – sodomites. In other words, the country of traditional concepts and values for our people.

"Normalcy" for liberals and homosexuals

The explanatory note to Bill 6327 provides examples of what the state's gender sodomy policy leads to. The initiators of the bill are writing this to demonstrate the absurdity of legislating LGBT rights and promoting these ideas in society.

“For example, a girl can be persuaded that she is a boy, and a father can be forbidden to interfere and oblige to address his daughter using a male name and pronoun. A similar case occurred with Robert Hoogland, who was even arrested for publicly speaking out against his daughter's ‘transgender transition’ and calling his daughter a daughter, not a son."

This is a case that took place in Canada in the spring of 2021. It began with Robert Hoogland learning that students at his daughter's school were shown special materials on sexual and gender identity known in Canada as SOGI 123. After that, a school gender psychologist worked with the child and  convinced her that her biological sex did not correspond to gender, advising her to take testosterone to switch to male gender. The school doctor sent Robert Hoogland's daughter to the endocrinology department of the local hospital, where hormone therapy was started at the first visit. Her name was also changed to male in the school register, which the school did not even notify her parents. All this happened when the child was only… 13 years old. When the parents found out what was happening, her mother agreed to trans-identification, while her father objected to that. Litigation followed as a result of which the Supreme Court of the Canadian province of British Columbia ruled that Robert Hoogland should accept and support his daughter's new gender identity, and if he protests, tries to dissuade his daughter from trans-identification or continues to call her a girl, he will be accused of "domestic violence".

Robert Hoogland's lawyer, Carrie Lind, says: “These people took the child when she was 13-14 without the father's consent, and – I try very hard to be neutral – helped to persuade the child that her gender did not match the sex she was born with. They forced through this, and now the child is in a gender reassignment clinic in Vancouver." In this clinic, the girl is put on testosterone and heavy drugs that inhibit puberty and prepare for sex reassignment surgery. Such operations involve (sorry for the details) removal of the breast, uterus with ovaries and implantation of a dildo. Her father Robert Hoogland is forbidden to meet with her altogether, he can only curse the liberal justice of his state. Robert Hoogland: “I have to be watching my perfectly healthy child being destroyed. And I can do nothing but stand aside, because the court has decided so. Otherwise I will end up in prison." As a result, Hugland still began to protest (and who wouldn’t in his place?), and the court gave him a real term – 6 months in prison.

This is not just the case in Canada. In Sweden, the number of children and adolescents who are convinced they were "born in the wrong body" has taken on alarming proportions. According to official figures alone, the number of teenage girls who consider themselves boys has tripled in the last decade. School psychologists consider it a good idea to explain all psychological problems (which adolescents are certain to have!) by the inconsistency of their "real" gender with the biological one and to recommend sex reassignment surgery. At the same time, any protests against this, both in each specific case and against such practices in general, are identified as "transphobia" and are subject to public condemnation and legal prosecution.

In many Western countries, it is legally forbidden not only to dissuade potential transsexuals from "transitioning", but also to facilitate their "reverse transition" to their biological sex. It prohibits so-called reparative or conversion therapy, which aims to get gays and lesbians back to heterosexual contact and transsexuals to return to their biological sex. In Germany, for example, “the Bundesrat has approved a law banning so-called reparative therapy, which aims to change a person's sexual preferences towards heterosexuality. Carrying out such procedures can be punished by imprisonment for up to one year, while advertising and mediation are subject to a fine of up to 30 thousand euro” (from Deutsche Welle).

Consequently, mutilating teenagers by cutting out their genitals is good and humane, while trying to get LGBT people back to normal is a crime!

Consequently, mutilating teenagers by cutting out their genitals is good and humane, while trying to get LGBT people back to normal is a crime! In addition, in the case of surgery, this is basically impossible. Proponents of LGBT ideology want to make the ban on reparative therapy mandatory for all countries. For example, Victor Madrigal-Borlos, a UN independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, presented a report at the UN Human Rights Council in 2020, calling on states to “work together over the global ban on conversion therapy." Attempts to return a person to a normal state were called by him "initially discriminatory, cruel, inhuman and degrading, and depending on the degree of cruelty, physical or mental pain and suffering of the victim, they can be equated with torture."

However, let's return to the bill of the Ukrainian MPs. Their explanatory note contains a few more examples of discrimination against people who hold traditional views:

  • Propaganda of homosexuality also violates the right to freedom of research. The world-famous scientist Ulrich Kutschera was prosecuted for almost two years for pointing out the direct link between homosexuality and pedophilia on the basis of scientific evidence.
  • Promoting homosexuality also violates the right to freedom of expression and religion. For example, student Felix Ngole was expelled from the University for admitting in a Facebook comment that homosexuality was a sin, according to the Bible.

It should also be added to the description of this "normalcy" that in the countries that have recognized the rights of LGBT people, the interests of another group, transgender people, have recently been raised to the banner. These people do not want to undergo whatever surgery – it is enough for them to say that they position themselves as a person of the opposite sex. On this basis, men are allowed into women's locker rooms and showers (because they called themselves women), while criminals are kept in women's prisons. In Britain, for example, one such transgender man raped a cellmate in a women's prison. The victim claimed that her human rights had been violated because she was in the same prison as transgender prisoners, who were convicted of sexual offenses or violent crimes against women. She asked the court to ban the authorities from keeping transgender people convicted of sexual violence in women's prisons. However, the court ruled that such a restriction would mean "inadmissible disregard for the right of transgender people to live in their chosen field." At the same time, the court acknowledged that some women prisoners would experience "fear and anxiety" to have a transgender prisoner in the same prison.

The authors of Bill 6327 also draw attention to the ongoing awareness-training for the legalization of pedophilia. Just as it was with the legalization of sodomites, now it all starts with "scientific articles". The Explanatory Note provides several examples:

Helmut Graupner, a well-known "LGBT rights activist," wrote a "scientific article" in which he "proved" that the ability of adult homosexuals to have sexual intercourse with children under the age of 14 is a “homosexual’s right". Moreover, he believes that in some cases it is not necessary to punish a homosexual who "by mutual consent" had sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 14.
• “Richard Green, a scientist who fought to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders, is now trying to prove that sexual intercourse with children who have not yet reached puberty should not be considered a mental disorder. To this end, he published a "scientific article" "Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?" in which he cites manipulations very similar to those used to remove homosexuality from the list of diseases.
• In 2020, a "scientific article" "Should Behavior Harmful to Others Be a Sufficient Criterion of Mental Disorders? Conceptual Problems of Diagnoses of Antisocial Personality Disorder and Pedophilic Disorder" was published, in which only a pedophile who is upset or distressed because he is a pedophile is to be considered mentally ill.

State Cinema Committee of Ukraine and "My Young Prince"

All the above-described "normalcy" is already engulfing Ukraine at our expense, to make matters even worse. Not so long ago, the Council for State Support of Cinematography approved the allocation of UAH 20 million for the creation of the film "My Young Prince". In total, the production of the film is estimated at 25 million, i.e. it is made almost entirely on taxpayers' money.

And now attention! What did Goskino (State Cinema Committee – Trans.) spend our money on, and what ideology does this department impose on our society? So, a brief plot of the picture, according to the published synopsis:

The protagonist, Paul as a teenager begins to experience an "unhealthy attraction" to his foster mother and commits the murder of his stepfather Edward. After that, Paul and Sophia live together and spend the money left by Edward. Paul's life is "carefree, secluded, full of sex, drugs and alcohol". This continues until Paul and Sophia meet "the young man Antoine and his father Mark." Paul has a pederastic relationship with Antoine, while Mark has a relationship with Sophia. When Paul finds out about this relationship, he commits the murder of Antoine and Mark.

Any need for special comments here?

As we can see, the plot is not just about sodomy. The authors managed to squeeze into one film all the perversions and vices possible and impossible. Moreover, Goskino allocated money for its production. When the Public Union "Miriane" sent a request to Goskino on what basis the money was allocated, Goskino provided a package of documents on 28 sheets and a cover letter, in which almost half of the 4.5 pages of the text is a justification (by the way, very clumsy) that such films fully comply with the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine, and, accordingly, are needed by our society. Quote: “Respect for equal rights and opportunities based on the principles of diversity and equality, freedom of creativity, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, prohibition of censorship and discrimination, which are the fundamental principles of human existence in the modern world, enshrined in our legislation and are important factors for a sustainable development of the state."

And now read the plot of the film again. It turns out that officials from Goskino assure us that pederasty, an "unhealthy attraction" to his stepmother, the murder of three people, not to mention a life being "carefree, in seclusion and full of sex, drugs and alcohol" is the implementation of fundamental principles of human existence?

But it's not even the worst. The worst thing is the blatant blasphemy, the abuse of Christ that is contained in the film. I do not want to talk about it. Let's just quote from the laity TV channel: “On the billboards announcing the film, two homosexuals kiss, holding a cross with the image of our Lord Jesus Christ. The infamous act of blasphemy has already been condemned by the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations. This precedent should serve as a lesson to all those who have said that 'LGBT rights' are possible without destructive propaganda. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE."

Is it too late?

No. Not everything has been lost yet. This is evidenced by the protests of religious and public organizations, and the appeal of 60 MPs of the Verkhovna Rada to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on the inadmissibility of state funding for the film, and the intention of "Miriane" to appeal the allocation of state money for the film in court.

However, there is something to worry about. In November 2021, journalists of the "First Cossack" took to the streets of Kyiv to find out how people feel about the allocation of public money for such films. The conclusions are disappointing: indifference, disbelief and inaction reign in Ukrainian society, "and tomorrow people will not care that in front of their eyes crosses are thrown, people robbed and killed or have intercourse right on the streets."

All this indicates that Ukraine can go both along the path of transforming our country into a liberal-homophile kingdom or remain a country with traditional concepts and values. But this requires a lot of effort at both the legislative and public levels. One of such efforts is Bill 6327.

What does the bill offer?

The bill "On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses on Liability for Promoting Deviations from the Constitutional Norms of the Family, Childhood, Motherhood and Fatherhood" provides for a fine for propaganda of pedophilia, homosexuality and transgenderism in the amount of 17 thousand to 85 thousand hryvnias. The bill defines pedophilia as "sexual relations between an adult and a person under the age of sixteen", homosexuality as "sexual relations between persons of the same sex", and transgenderism as "self-identification of a person not according to his biological sex".

Note that pedophilia is sexual intercourse with a person who has not reached the so-called age of consent. This age varies in different countries from 9 to 18 years. However, most countries, including European ones, set it within 14-16 years. In Ukraine, it is 16 years old, which is the top bar of this age, i.e. Ukraine is quite conservative in this matter.

An important point is to define in the bill what is considered to be the promotion of pedophilia, homosexuality and transgenderism. There is a separate list for each perversion, but in general they are similar. Thus, it is proposed to consider the following as propaganda of homosexuality:

  • production and / or distribution, as well as public use of products containing LGBT symbols;
  • public recognition as one of the options of the norm, advertising or calling for the conclusion of any types of marriages not provided by the Constitution of Ukraine, carried out through the media, speech, shouting slogans, printing, making, distributing, displaying posters, books or other printed or manufactured handwritten or electronic materials;
  • public urges for the promotion or promoting sexual participation between persons of the same sex, recognizing such a relationship as the norm, or denying the increased risk of homosexuals contracting HIV through the media, speeches, shouting slogans, printing, making, distributing, displaying posters , books or other printed or hand-made or electronic materials;
  • public demonstration of sexual relations between persons of the same sex or production, distribution, demonstration of films or other video materials (including cartoons) containing relations of sexual nature between persons of the same sex.

As we can see, in the case of the adoption of this bill, neither gay parades nor films like the movie "My Young Prince" will be possible. At the same time, Ukraine will by no means become a clerical country from the Middle Ages. The struggle to remain just human beings, to fight for the concepts, principles and values that humanity has lived throughout its history, is waged at the state level by European countries such as Poland and Hungary, while in many other countries a significant part of society is actively advocating traditional values.

Which way will Ukraine go? In what society will our children live? It depends on each of us!

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