Why 1+1 unleashes a religious war against UOC

22 March 2017 19:32
Why 1+1 unleashes a religious war against UOC
According to the academic definition developed in the 1960s in the USA, "Neuro-Linguistic Programming" (NLP) is a kind of suggestive (inspiring) psychotherapy aimed at changing human behavior. In fact, this is a science-based brainwashing technology.

With its help, one or another thesis is introduced into the human consciousness, which then, thanks to repeated repetition, becomes almost axiomatic. This technique is often used in advertising. In politics, it has long turned into the main tool for managing the psyche of the masses.

The application of this method can be traced in the programs of the "1+1" TV channel about the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In them, the often-repeated phrase "Moscow Patriarchate" is heavily imprinted in the minds of the audience with only a negative meaning. Authors of fake and slanderous teleopuses are trying to achieve such an effect that the concepts of "MP" and "UOC" in the collective consciousness of Ukrainians are associated only with the continuous negative, vices, crimes, etc. And that such a perception of the Holy Church of Christ takes place with the fooled spectators simply at the reflex level.

There can hardly be any doubt that the hysteria around the Ukrainian Orthodox Church taking place on the air of the 1+1 channel is part of a plan to discredit canonical Orthodoxy in Ukraine.

It was joined by other television and radio organizations, one way or another controlled by the authorities. However, it is "1+1" that is the main mouthpiece and chaser of this long "trash talk", which is accompanied by unabashed lies, slander and insults of believers and clergymen.

But first things first.

TV Studio 1+1 (or as it is called informally "Pluses") was created in September 1995 by Alexander Rodnyansky, a famous documentary filmmaker, who worked at the Kiev studio of popular science films. His films received international and Russian awards. Among the best works are "Tired cities", "Mission of Raoul Wallenberg", "A Date with the Father", "Farewell to the USSR", etc.

From 1990 to 1994 he worked as a producer and director of the leading German TV channel ZDF.

In 1994, Rodnyansky (perhaps the only truly creative and talented person on the post of the head of this structure) returned to Ukraine to create the first independent Ukrainian-speaking TV channel in the country, 1+1. In a matter of months 1+1 became the leader of the television market in Ukraine.

"Pluses" was part of the Innova-Film company, owned by A. Rodnyansky and B. Fuksmann. The first programs were aired in the same month of 1995. At first, 1+1 Studio received the right to place its programs on UT-1 daily for 2.5 hours. However, gradually the volumes began to increase and programs were broadcast in morning, afternoon and evening blocks.

Then, for the first time for Ukrainian TV, new formats and genres appeared on the "Pluses": the international television magazine "Telemania", the political talk show "Taboo", the political debate "5 x 5", the humorous talk show "SW show" ("Verka Serdiuchka" show). World-known films (Sergio Leone, Peter Greenaway, etc.), famous American television series were broadcast. Soon the channel received high television ratings: the share of the audience over four was more than 35%. The first game "The First Million" – the Ukrainian version of the famous international format "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" was launched. It was followed by the show "Dancing with the Stars."
In 1997, A. Rodnyansky sold 30% of the shares to the American company Central European Media Enterprises (CME) for a price of $ 22 million.

In 1998, the "1+1" TV channel, together with "NTV-Profit", made the first in the post-Soviet space series about the life of the "stormy 1990s" – "The Birthday of Burzhuy". The project became an original attempt to study the new reality in a serial format and acquired great popularity among the audience. The audience share of "1+1" was 60%.
In 2002, Rodnyansky resigned as CEO (although he remained its owner until 2008, when he sold the entire stake to the mentioned company CME for 220 million dollars) and went to Moscow to head the channel "CTC", and later – the whole self-titled holding.

According to published open data, Central European Media Enterprises is a company that owns and manages several leading TV channels in Eastern Europe. CME is registered in Bermuda and is listed on the Prague Stock Exchange, as well as on the NASDAQ exchange in the US. Its founder was Ronald Lauder – an American businessman, a Jewish public figure, a collector and philanthropist. He is also the president of the World Jewish Congress. In 2012 he became a member of the Bureau of the Presidium of the Russian Jewish Congress. According to the American magazine Forbes, in 2010, his fortune was estimated 2.6 billion US dollars.

In 2007, 3% of CME shares were purchased by Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky for $ 110 million.
In 2009, Time Warner acquired 31% of CME shares on NASDAQ for $ 241.5 million. At that time 60% of the voting shares belonged to R. Lauder.

As "Kommersant-Ukraine" wrote, "In 2008, CME secured a number of big deals, and now the company lacks liquidity for investment in newly acquired projects ... Net debt of CME is $ 1 billion, of which the maturity of 325 million euros is in 2012."

CME, which owned more than 20 TV channels in different countries (Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova, Croatia), controlled "1+1Studio", "1+1 International", "2 + 2" in Ukraine.

In 2010, Time Warner sold its stake to Harley Trading Limited, owned by I. Kolomoisky.

So Kolomoisky made a deal with a company which was not in the best financial position. What motivated him to this? Perhaps he figured out some investment prospects and decided to take a chance. But is this the whole truth? And wasn’t it another component? Namely: ambition – with the help of almost the most popular TV channel to get an opportunity for a massive manipulation of public opinion, to brainwash the multimillion Ukrainian audience?
And if the last statement is true, then we can try – at least hypothetically – to track one of the goals of such manipulation, perhaps, its main "super task".

But in the beginning – a little reflection on who could set such a "supertask".

I do not know if there is a "world government" that has set the goal of reducing the world's population to the "golden billion" chosen. Although there is no direct evidence, there are obvious tragic results of the conspiracy. One of those results is Ukraine.

It is also impossible to reliably state that there was a notorious "Dulles plan". However, again, there is a clear embodiment of it. Many people know this text almost by heart, but I will quote:

"We will give up everything we have: all the gold, all the material power for dumbing and fooling people! The human brain, people’s consciousness are capable of change. Having sown chaos there, we will imperceptibly replace their values with false ones and force them into believing these fake values ...

Literature, theaters, cinema – everything will depict and glorify the lowest human feelings. We will support and raise in every possible way the so-called artists who will instill and drum into the human consciousness the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal – in a word, all immorality. (All this is observed in TV programs – I.K.)

WE WILL WREST THE SPIRITUAL ROOTS, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of people's morality ... We will take up people from childhood, adolescence, and the main bet will always be on the youth – we will deprave, molest and corrupt it. We will make of it cynics, vulgarians and cosmopolitans. That's how we will do it! "(And these words – as if written about the" Pluses "!)

And after all, the foundations of people's morality, its spiritual roots are our faith in Christ, which the thousand-year-old Orthodox Church professes.

And now, accidentally or not, it is since the moment of transition of "Pluses" into Kolomoisky's property (Let me remind that the first steps in the acquisition of SME shares were made back in 2007) when active defamation on their air of the canonical UOC has begun. And this was expressed not only in slanderous reports and frank rudeness of the TV channel hosts but also in obvious indulgence to the schismatic "Kiev Patriarchate" and its head – anathema Mikhail Denisenko.

Let's remember that time.

After Maidan - 2004 and the coming to power of V. Yushchenko, on his order (or rather, on his Western curators’), an active campaign was launched to create the so-called "Single Ukrainian Local Church". Numerous attempts were made by the then Ukrainian leadership to involve Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople and other foreign hierarchs into a rat race through intrigues and all sorts of tricks. It is enough to recall the arrival of Bartholomew and the way it was solemnly met by the same Yushchenko in July 2008, during the celebration of the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. At the same time, the leader of Bankova, offensively to all the faithful of the UOC, ignored the main event: the visit of His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia to these celebrations.

At a meeting with Bartholomew, the President of Ukraine asked the First Hierarch of Constantinople for a public blessing on the creation of the Ukrainian local church. "I believe that a national local church will appear in Ukraine and ask, Your Holiness, for your blessing," he said, referring to the Patriarch of Constantinople, according to RIA Novosti. At the same time, Yushchenko insisted that the Ukrainian state did not intervene in the Church. He was allegedly just worried about some kind of "black hole" that could swallow up the church. "Undoubtedly, the Ukrainian state does not intervene in the Church. But it's up to us to prevent the Church from being swallowed by a black hole," the then president of Ukraine said.

And for the patching up of this "black hole", the Kiev authorities appointed ... , a good guess, their protégé Mikhail Denisenko and his "Kiev Patriarchate", created by the mafia principle after the ex-Filaret excommunication from the true Church.

I will also add – the latter was created with the active support of those behind-the-scenes, internal and external forces that have seen the "Dulles plan", real or imaginary, as a guide to action for decades.

So, it can therefore easily be assumed that "1+1Studeo" was already involved in the planned long-term campaign to destroy the Orthodox Church of Christ and create instead its conglomerate controlled by the pro-Western Ukrainian authorities. I mean – the notorious "Single Local Church" headed by schismatic Filaret.

Most likely, this was exactly the secret "supertask".

For more than two decades, Denisenko and his clerks have been building an organization that can be called, on the one hand, the successor of the ideological propaganda departments of the CPSU, on the other hand, an infernally sectarian "joint-stock company" whose goal is ENRICHMENT by deceit and rejection of the people from the true Orthodox faith, perversion and demonization of public consciousness.

But let's return to the mentioned meeting. In it, Bartholomew evaded direct support for Yushchenko's plan, perfectly understanding that none of the canonical churches in the world will approve such support, since, according to the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils, autocephaly is impossible without the consent of the Mother Church (in this case, the Moscow Church). And none of the other autonomous churches will support this separatism.

However, the government did not abandon attempts to persuade the Patriarchate of Constantinople to its side (it is enough to cite the recent visit of V. Groisman to Patriarch Bartholomew with a similar request).

"1+1" programs have become a kind of ideological "airstrike", which for many years has accompanied the attacks of the enemies of Christ at the UOC. They also manipulate public opinion, inclining it in favor of the Kiev Patriarchate with the "Pro-single local church" movement and in favor of his Western string-pullers.

But the reports about the actions of "Filaret" are not only devoid of all negative connotations, but also clearly promote his actions. Here is one example of how Denisenko’s appeal to the heads of local churches to consider the issue of autocephaly of the UOC-KP at the Ecumenical Council was presented. "Without solving this issue, according to Filaret, there is no reason to hold the Council, since the UOC-KP is one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world," the TSN service reported.

The present head of our Church Metropolitan Onuphry condemned "Pluses" slander. In particular, he said: "The Ukrainian Orthodox Church respects the right of journalists to freely express their own point of view ... But freedom of speech should be based on the responsibility of journalists for the information they provide to the viewer.
Unfortunately, the editorial office of the "1+1" TV channel openly violated the principles of journalistic ethics when preparing for the airing of materials about the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. As a result, the stories that were aired became a real threat to the preservation of the inter-confessional peace in our country.

We should note with regret that the deliberate discrediting of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has become part of the editorial policy of the "1+1" TV channel.

The special regret of the believers of our Church was caused by the fact that the first of these television programs was aired on the day of the repose of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimit (July 5), when the entire Ukrainian society could not recover from this huge loss."

It is about the television spots aired on July 5 (2014, the day of His Beatitude Metropolitan Vladimir’s death!), on August 3 in the "TSN" program, on July 13 in the "Itogi Nedeli", on August 5 in the X-Files program, on August 9 in the program "Ukrainian sensations."

However, "1+1" does not stop, although the official departments of the UOC have repeatedly exposed its fakes. For example, in 2015, the Synodal Information Department refuted them. It stated:

"The engagement of the TV channel gives grounds to assume that the management and the main shareholders of "1+1 Media" are interested in speculating on church subjects for manipulating the audience, emphasizes the Synodal Information Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church", emphasizing that "because of propaganda in the spots of "TSN-News" and other "1+1 Media" resources there is an unconcealed incitement of religious and inter-confessional discord, and as a result – the destabilization of Ukrainian society by splitting it and creating sources of public hostility in certain regions of Ukraine."

This is what was reported in the media about the bias of the "Pluses" and their veiled "partnership" with the Kiev Patriarchate: "The shock force of the pogroms is an organization calling itself "the Kiev Patriarchate ", which is not recognized by any of the world Orthodox churches, and a gang of Ukrainian nationalists ... The persecution is accompanied by loud anti-church hysteria in the media. Most zealous is "1+1" TV channel owned by Kolomoisky. The overwhelming majority of pogroms and defamation takes place according to a single scheme: a) "signal" from the leader of the "Kiev Patriarchate", the false patriarch "Filaret"; b) the arrival of militants; a) imitation of meetings of parishioners who are intimidated by reprisals; d) support of pogrom-makers by the mass media and authorities ... "
Of more recent examples are "Pluses" slanderous attacks on the Church during last year's All-Ukrainian Cross Procession for peace and love in Ukraine.

I will cite just a few "pearls":

"Several dozens of pilgrims put all on high alert. Why did the UOC MP advanced for Kiev? "

"The cross procession of the Moscow Patriarchate has turned into a VIP event with face-control."

"Alchemy of the UOC-MP cross procession. How religion becomes politics and threatens Kiev with provocations."
It was reported about "militants in cassocks", that pistols and submachine guns were allegedly handed out in churches of the UOC-MP, that the participants of the Cross Procession were heading for Kiev with weapons hidden in knapsacks, school bags and "kravchuchkas" (a two-wheel cart). Thousands of believers – including the elderly, women and children – were said to be ready at any time, in the manner of Hollywood cowboys, to snatch their bazookas from behind their bosoms and set "Kremlin terror".

Examples, as they say, can be multiplied.

Of course, all this turned out to be a complete lie and blasphemous slander. But to appeal to the conscience of the "Pluses" journalists is useless. They are a weapon of war against Christ and the Church and are set to fulfill their "supertask", for which they are heavily paid.

However, it is possible and necessary to expose their information aggression. The UOJ has recently denounced in detail, with the involvement of experts, another TV vile thing "50 Shades of Faith" and some more information, which today, as one of the famous movie characters said, is "well-proven gossip." It's about rumors circulating on the Internet that 50% of "Pluses" shares were sold by Kolomoisky to ... right, none other than his counterpart from Bankova Street. If this is really true, then the whole scheme is formed concerning both the persecution of the UOC and the creation of a multilevel subordination of all spheres of public life to a single center of power.

So, the enemies of the Church, performing the task of fooling and dehumanizing people, act by all the rules of manipulation of consciousness, according to Goebbels propaganda, which is now adopted by the "Pluses" and other mass media, acting with them in unison. They are aimed at turning the people of Ukraine into a godless, stupid flock that will be satisfied with cheap swill and soup, with all humility attending to cynical exploiters and mammon servants sucking on our country like bugs.
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