Church of Moldova urges to ban on "LGBT Children in Your School" campaign

13 November 2022 14:00
The The "LGBT children in your school" campaign. Photo:

LGBT propaganda in schools is a harsh attack on the institution of the family, moral values and ethics, the Church of Moldova said.

The Orthodox Church of Moldova has spoken out against the campaign "LGBT Children in Your School" developed by the GENDERDOC-M information centre and launched in schools across Moldova, reports

"A dangerous tendency has emerged in this campaign to elevate homosexuality to the rank of 'normality'. However, the Scriptures unequivocally state: homosexuality is a sin. LGBT propaganda in schools is a harsh attack on the institution of the family, moral values and ethics. The globalising promotion of promiscuity among teenagers will eventually lead to the spiritual self-destruction of humanity," the Metropolis of Chisinau and All Moldova noted.

"We do not try to incite hatred towards certain categories of citizens of our country; we only defend our values and traditions in order to offer the young generation a healthy and worthy education, in the spirit of the Christian Orthodox teaching, which was the basis of the genesis of our people and thanks to which we have survived for a long time, despite countless historical adversities through which we were given the chance to pass," added the press service the Moldavian Metropolis of the ROC.

The Church of Moldova has called on believers to sign an online petition calling to ban the campaign "LGBT Children in Your School".

The campaign is presented as an awareness-raising programme on the rights of LGBT+ children in Moldova. The author of the "LGBT Children in Your School" campaign, Tatyana Korchebash-Onika, said the campaign "empowers teachers and other adults in the school community to realize that stereotypes and prejudices against LGBT children affect all children".

The programme has also caused a major scandal in Moldova, where 98 per cent of the population considers themselves to be Orthodox Christians.

Former president Igor Dodon said that "Maya Sandu's government is destroying step by step the faith, the family, the economy. This leadership is destroying the country!"

"People cannot cope with their bills and daily needs, but the government has other urgent concerns – to promote LGBT people in schools!" Former Prime Minister Ion Chicu added.

The government of Gagauzia, an autonomous region within Moldova, has banned campaigning in its schools. LGBT marches and any propaganda in favour of non-traditional families were banned there in May.

As previously reported, the Church of Moldova called on the authorities in Chisinau to cancel the LGBT march.

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