Kyiv: a prayer service in defence of UOC temples to be held in front of RSA

07 October 2022 12:56
Kyiv: a prayer service in defence of UOC temples to be held in front of RSA

On October 9, a prayer service will be held in front of the Kyiv RSA building to protect UOC churches, which have been subjected to raids by the OCU.

Lawyer and head of the All-Ukrainian Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene Viktoria Kokhanovska announced on her Facebook page that on October 9 in front of the building of the Kyiv Regional State Administration there will be a prayer service in defence of the UOC churches which are being seized by Dumenko’s supporters.

"This week we are planning a general service for the UOC believers of the Kyiv region, whose churches have been seized or are being illegally transferred to the OCU. Transferred with the help of fake referendums, forged documents and corruption," Viktoria Kokhanovska announced.

She reminded that about 70 UOC communities have already been transferred to the OCU "by lawlessness", using forged documents, and RSA officials "put their signatures to these fakes" despite the fact that they have information about the true will of the UOC religious communities and law enforcement bodies have appeals from the UOC communities about these falsifications.

According to the human rights activist, there are 22 more packages of such falsified documents awaiting consideration. Kokhanovska urged "to prevent their signing, to prevent the victory of untruth and lawlessness".

The lawyer stressed that the seizure of churches is a Ukraine-wide problem. "But pursuit mass character. We hope that we will be heard... To ensure our constitutional rights is not a 'want or not want' matter, not a question of choice – it is the direct responsibility of the officials of the Kyiv Regional State Administration," she explained, adding that on October 9, the Orthodox Christians in front of the Kyiv Regional State Administration building will be praying "that God will grant the authorities wisdom and courage to stop this lawlessness".

"For this, we will pray under the RSA and we invite all non-indifferent Orthodox people of Kyiv and the region to join us on 9 October," Kokhanovska urged.

As reported, the lawyer urged to send 25,000 statements on violations of UOC rights to Zelensky.

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