Right Sector threatens organizers of Boyany religious procession of the UOC

05 October 2022 21:10
Right Sector threatens organizers of Boyany religious procession of the UOC

Activists from the Right Sector demand to punish the initiators of the UOC procession  and urge to look for spies in UOC monasteries and temples.

On October 1, 2022, representatives of the Right Sector demanded that the authorities of the Chernivtsi region bring to justice the initiators and organizers of the Boyany procession with the cross. The activists of the Right Sector announced this on their Facebook page.

The Right Sector believes that the religious procession to the Boyany Monastery of the UOC, which took place on September 24, 2022, threatens the national security of the country, because it is part of the mobilization plan announced by the Russian Federation. According to members of the Right Sector, the pilgrims are “a reinforced battalion-tactical group capable of disrupting decision-making in executive authorities and local self-government by blocking, seizing administrative buildings, and also exerting enormous pressure on society.”

The Right Sector demanded that the Chernivtsi authorities – the RMA, the SBU, the National Police "bring to justice the rebels and violators of Ukrainian legislation", as well as "check the activities of the consistory of the Chernivtsi-Bukovyna diocese." In addition, the radicals insist that the authorities should look for spies among the pilgrims, novices of monasteries and clerics of the UOC.

Recall that on September 24 in Bukovyna, almost a thousand believers of the UOC walked in a procession with the cross to the Boyany Monastery, after which a protocol was drawn up against Metropolitan Longin, who is facing a fine now.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that in Sulymiv, Lviv region, the OCU and the Right Sector seized the temple of the UOC.

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