Met Luke: While our cities are bombed by the enemy, LGBT ideology's planted

05 October 2022 17:25
Met Luke: While our cities are bombed by the enemy, LGBT ideology's planted

Metropolitan Luke of Zaporizhzhia and Melitopol noted that if Ukrainians want God to save their country, they must live by His Holy Commandments.

If the policy of Ukraine continues the course of planting God-fighting ideology and Western moral guidelines, the country will receive "not a blessing, but a curse from God." Metropolitan Luke of Zaporizhzhia and Melitopol wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

"There is a war going on in Ukraine, innocent people are dying, our sons and daughters are defending their homeland from the invasion of the aggressor. But at the same time, in the continually shelled Kharkiv, LGBT people are having their own parade – showing their concern against a backdrop of deaths and destroyed homes! How can this be so? Cities and villages are being bombed by the enemy, hundreds of thousands of refugees are homeless, grief and tears are streaming across the country. In turn, the State Cinema Committee announces the filming of ‘Lessons in Tolerance’, designed to educate Ukrainians about the positive perception of LGBT ideology. Every day we ask the Holy Mother to shelter our country, while at the same time the enemy of the human race continues to poison the hearts and souls of our children," said Vladyka.

According to the bishop, if we want God to protect and preserve our homeland, we need to learn to live by His commandments and do His holy will.

"If our politicians continue to plant debauchery and God-fighting ideology, we will receive not a blessing but a curse from God. How can we defeat the external enemy when our own enemy lives inside our country, leading souls to hell, destroying moral laws and divine definitions?" asked the metropolitan of Zaporizhzhia and Melitopol.

Earlier the UOJ reported that Metropolitan Luke met with victims of the shelling in Zaporizhzhia.

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