Exarch in Kyiv: Clerics of OCU abroad fall under the jurisdiction of Phanar

05 October 14:22
Exarch in Kyiv: Clerics of OCU abroad fall under the jurisdiction of Phanar

Bishop Mykhailo of Coman believes that the initiative to create Ukrainian-language parishes abroad should come from believers, and that the Phanar will not do it.

Exarch of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Ukraine, Bishop Mykhailo (Anischenko) of Coman said that when they go abroad, clerics of the OCU most often end up in the jurisdiction of the Phanar.

In an interview with the LB, Bishop Mykhailo recalled that "according to the Tomos, the OCU cannot have parishes abroad," and all foreign parishes of the former UOC-KP "pass under the authority of the local bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate."

The OCU "can send its clergy to the local metropolitan" of the Phanar, but the Phanariots themselves will not do so: "Who should think about it? Should we really come (to St. Michael Cathedral – Ed.) and say, 'Give us our priests'?"

He noted that such matters must be resolved through "direct contact with local hierarchs," and if the OCU sends its priest abroad, "the community must provide his living, or he must find a job there and take care of himself."

Bishop Mykhailo advised Ukrainians living abroad to contact the hierarchs of the Phanar for the latter to request the OCU leadership to supply priests for them.

To the reporter's comment that it would be better for the bishops of the Phanar themselves to address this kind of request to Kyiv, because it is in their interest, the exarch replied that "we do not measure our interests, we serve.”

Bishop Mykhailo also responded to the journalist's proposal that the Phanar could issue a decree allowing the OCU to independently resolve issues with the registration of Ukrainians abroad: "There must be an initiative coordinated with the local bishop. However, it is necessary to decide what we want: OCU parishes abroad or spiritual care of Ukrainians who became forced migrants?"

As the UOJ reported, Olena Zelenska met with Patriarch Bartholomew in Phanar.

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