RCC Cardinal compares the "Synodal Way" with Nazism

04 October 18:22
RCC Cardinal compares the

Catholic hierarch Kurt Koch recalled that in the 30s of the last century, German Christians saw in Nazism a new revelation of God and supported Hitler.

Swiss Cardinal, Doctor of Theology and Chairman of the "Pontifical Council for the Promotion of Christian Unity" Kurt Koch compared the "Synodal Way" of the Catholic Church in Germany with Nazism, Die Tagespost edition reports.

In the context of a conversation about the German "Synodal Way", Cardinal Koch stressed that he was annoyed by the fact that "in addition to the sources of revelation of Scripture and Tradition" some Catholic bishops "accept new sources" of revelation.

“It scares me that this is happening, again, in Germany. For this phenomenon already took place during the time of the National Socialist dictatorship, when the so-called ‘German Christians’ saw a new revelation of God in the ‘Blood and Earth’ ideology and in the elevation of Hitler,” Koch emphasized.

He recalled that at that time “the Church protested against this with its Barmer Theological Declaration in 1934, the first thesis of which reads: “We reject the false teaching that the Church can and should recognize other events and forces, figures and truths as God’s revelation, apart from and in addition to this Logos as the source of preaching."

According to him, “The Church certainly has an obligation to trace down the signs of the times closely and take them seriously. Yet, they are not new sources of revelation.”

“In the three-step process of true cognition — seeing, judging, and acting — the signs of the times are related to seeing and by no means to judgment along with the sources of revelation. In my opinion, this necessary distinction in the guiding text of the Synodal Way is missing,” emphasized Kurt Koch.

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