At the “liturgy” of OCU, “priests” sing a song about the stork in the altar

29 September 17:22
At the “liturgy” of OCU, “priests” sing a song about the stork in the altar

A video of the “priests” of the OCU singing about storks in the altar in front of the Chalice appeared on the Web.

A video was published on the Web in which the “priests” of the OCU sing a song about storks in the altar, written by the UGCC priest Petro Polovko. The video was posted on her Facebook page by lawyer and head of the All-Ukrainian Sisterhood of Mary Magdalene Victoria Kokhanovskaya.

The clerics of Dumenko sing the song right during the "liturgy", in front of them is a Chalice with "Holy Gifts".

“In the altar, one is supposed to sing songs about storks and to wear an embroidered shirt by all means,” the human rights activist commented ironically and quoted the Gospel: “By their fruit you will recognize them” (Matt. 7:16).

In the comments, people are perplexed how it is possible to perform secular songs during the liturgy.

“Judging by the fact that the chalice is placed on the throne, this is part of the Eucharistic canon. The question is – what have they replaced (perhaps, the Creed, God forgive me), or do they sanctify their gifts with this song? asks Serhiy Pereta.

“Are they not aware of where they are, they forgot that this is a THRONE, they think that they are at the table. How can you do this???” Irina Timovskaya-Pankiv wonders.

“For true believers, this is a shock! That is why there is so much grief now… think about how it looks before God, when the worship is replaced by a 'prayer' to storks ... They don’t even know what to sing to be considered the best patriots! There is a saying about such people: ‘the gift of God was confused with ... (storks)’!” writes Olha Merzlikina.

This song is not the first time performed in the temples of the OCU.

“No blasphemy, typical routine of the OCU members... shame for our Ukraine,” Victoria Kokhanovskaya noted.

As the UOJ wrote, in the OCU, a flagpole with the flag of the OUN-UPA was attached to the cross in front of the temple.

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