"Myriany": Seizures of churches are no different from "referendums in LDPR"

23 September 17:26

The NGO "Myriany" said that the OCU raiders are no different from the Russian invaders.

Members of the public union "Myriany" (“Laity”) compared OCU raiders, who permanently seize churches, to the Russian invaders. “Myriany” wrote about this on their Telegram channel.

"Today, when we are watching the actions of Russian invaders in the occupied territories, where they are making a picture for the media about the will of the citizens – it reminds us very much of what is happening in western Ukraine," the statement said.

"Myriany” points out that all seizures follow the same scenario.

"They came, seized by force, found the collaborators, and then committed illegal fraud, 're-registered'. What unites the supporters of temple seizures, who, as they say, 'liberate temples', with those 'liberating' the territory of Ukraine?" the activists of the public union ask.

The NGO "Myriany" also added that the spirit of divisions and seizures can in no way be inherent in believing people because God calls everyone to unity and peace.

As reported, the NGO “Myriany” said that the seizure of UOC churches is a knife in the back of the AFU.

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