UOC cleric: Raiders don’t know the history of Bolsheviks destroying temples

23 September 14:10
UOC cleric: Raiders don’t know the history of Bolsheviks destroying temples

Archdeacon Andrei Palchuk said that the OCU supporters who come to the church with a sledgehammer cannot be called religious people.

Archdeacon Andrei Palchuk, a cleric of the Odessa Eparchy, responded on his YouTube channel to the attempted seizure of the church in Popelnia saying that he would help the rector, priest Petro, to purchase all the necessary items to organize divine services at home (the church was sealed off before the court decision). 

"How can this be? We send our parishioners to the front, what are our children fighting for? What is this attitude towards the UOC that they come to the temple with a sledgehammer in the middle of the day? Can believers do this?" Father Andrei wondered.

The cleric of the Odessa Eparchy is sure that it is necessary to find leverage on Dumenko's supporters and stop lawlessness against UOC believers.

"People do not know the history: those Bolsheviks who killed priests and destroyed churches gave birth to sick children. And there are modern examples - in the Ternopil region, a man interfered with a religious procession, and two days later he died. Why provoke the wrath of God?” the archdeacon continues.

Speaking about the attempted seizure of the church in Popelnia, Father Andrei noted that though the parishioners and rector have a hard time, they will stay with God and, having endured the hardships, receive mercy from Him.

"When you have served in one temple for a long time and then you are kicked out like a dog – it is very difficult. But we will help, we will not leave Father Petro in trouble. And our faithful will be with God, let them serve and pray at home," the clergyman added.

on 22 September 2022, supporters of the OCU attempted to seize the church in Popelnia, after which the church building was sealed off pending a court decision.

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