OCU raiders seize UOC Resurrection Church in Zazymya

17 September 20:54
OCU raiders seize UOC Resurrection Church in Zazymya

This time the police took the side of the OCU, the Orthodox avoided conflict and did not go to confrontation. 

On September 17, 2022, OCU supporters led by former UOC cleric Anatoliy Slinko seized the ancient Resurrection Church in Zazymya, reports the KozakTv1 Telegram channel.

On September 10, after the attempted seizure of the church by supporters of the OCU in Zazymya, they agreed to close the church and sit at the negotiating table.

"But the supporters of the OCU do not need a compromise, they need our temple," noted the KozakTv1 Telegram channel.

According to eyewitnesses, in the morning, supporters of the OCU gathered near the temple not to let in the UOC believers. The faithful prayed near the church, there were a lot of police on the spot that took the side of the OCU, and territorial defense members and representatives of the local authorities. At first, everything was peaceful, the UOC community prayed in the presence of the OCU supporters, but everything changed when a cleric of the OCU from the village of Pohreby appeared and started to sow enmity and call the UOC believers traitors, which triggered confrontation near the temple. The OCU followers behaved aggressively. One of the believers had his car tyre slashed. One of the activists tried to snatch a camera from the hands of the “1 Kozak” reporter. 

After this, the OCU members cut off the locks and seized the church.

As reported, prayer standing against the seizure of a UOC church started in Zazymya.

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