Pope blesses arms supplies to Ukraine

16 September 12:37
Pope blesses arms supplies to Ukraine

The head of the RCC called arms supplies to Ukraine "a morally acceptable political decision".

Pope Francis has blessed countries to supply weapons to Ukraine as they are used in self-defence, Reuters reports.

The pontiff said this while answering questions from journalists following his trip to Kazakhstan.

"This is a political decision that can be moral, morally acceptable, if it is done under conditions of morality," the Pope said.

The RCC head also added that self-defence is not only licit but also expresses love for the homeland.

In addition, Pope Francis noted that not all arms supplies to another country are morally legitimite.

"It can be immoral if the intention is to provoke a new war or to sell weapons that (the country) no longer needs. Motivation is what pretty much qualifies the morality of this action," the Catholic head resumed.

Earlier, the Pope said that humanity entered World War III.

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