Filaret Denisenko says priest can give his soul for Ukraine

26 August 16:08
Filaret Denisenko says priest can give his soul for Ukraine

The head of the Kyiv Patriarchate said that freedom is what he "serves, prays and fights for".

The head of the UOC-KP, Filaret Denysenko, believes that a priest should not take up arms but can give his soul for Ukraine. He said this in an interview with the “Kraina” magazine.

He said that he was in Irpen and Borodianka and "saw what the Russian military did": "No other nation is capable of such lawlessness. Children were raped in the streets." He stressed that "every nation has its sins, but such things cannot be forgiven".

Filaret also noted that, according to Peter the Great, "Ukrainians are industrious, merciful, meek people, but when their freedom is being taken away from them, they show their dragon tongue".

"That is, in the fight for freedom, we demonstrate the strength that other nations are incapable of. Freedom is what I serve, pray and fight for," stressed the head of the UOC-KP.

He believes that "our specific feature is that where there are two Ukrainians, there are three hetmans", and "if the Ukrainians do well, we quarrel", "but we unite in suffering. That is why God sends them to us, to strengthen us into one nation and a spiritual force”.

As earlier reported, Filaret Denisenko believes thanks to the war in the Donbas, hundreds of thousands of people passed to the UOC-KP.

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