Daughter of the victim: OCU “priest” beats an old man in Rokytne

23 August 21:50
Daughter of the victim: OCU “priest” beats an old man in Rokytne

"Archpriest" Dionysiy Karpov hit an elderly man over a land dispute.

On August 22, 2022, the “priest” of the OCU Dionysiy Karpov, a cleric of the Rivne diocese of the OCU, hit his neighbor, an 80-year-old man. This was told by the daughter of the victim Natalia Prostun on her Facebook page.

“He not only broke the lock of the gate, but also hit my father. Imagine hitting an elderly man so that my dad flew off and hit the wall of his house. The priest followed him up and spat at him twice,” Natalia said.

According to Natalia, her father is “feeble, thin. He'll be 80 in a couple of days." Due to stress, his blood pressure rose, he became ill.

Natalia explained that the cause of the conflict was a land plot. The "priest" believes that the victim has no right to it, but Natalia's father has all the necessary documents for the land. “He is decent, he has never drunk alcohol, smoked or cursed. Mu father is extremely well-bred. Now it's hard for him to take care of himself. He is old,” Natalia described her dad.

She said that her father knew Karpov as a child and always treated him well.

“And today this ‘spiritual’ person has his ministry in the village of Rokytne, Rivne region ... and teaches people about God’s love,” the daughter of the beaten old man is indignant.

The victim's family called law enforcement and filed a complaint with the police. Natalia called on Dumenko's supporters to respond to the behavior of their cleric.

As the UOJ wrote, a video with swearing Drabinko was published on the Web.

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