Zinkevych: We love only those who love us, the rest – unless we shoot them

Mykhailo Zinkevych "improved" the gospel words on TV. Photo: screenshot of the "Channel 12" YouTube channel

The "hierarch" of the OCU, Mykhailo Zinkevych, "improved" the gospel's words about love for one's enemies with regard to the situation in Ukraine.

Discussing the feeling of hatred towards the enemy, the "hierarch" of the OCU, Mykhailo Zinkevych, noted on the air of the Konkurent TV channel that there will be hatred and rage towards the aggressor in Ukraine. But this rage is not against the enemies, but "against the sin, the sin of murder, the sin of hatred, which the Russians bring here."

"Yes, it takes on a not entirely correct character when we begin to treat every Russian with hatred and strive to kill every Russian," Zinkevych said and added that this is understandable, since 80% of Russian citizens support the invasion of Ukraine.

"So, we love those who love us. We will try to love others; if they have time to repent and we don't shoot them, then maybe we will be able to forgive them," Zinkevych concluded.

As the UOJ reported, Zinkevych proposed to elect one head for the UGCC, OCU and UOC.

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