Video of Drabinko swearing is posted online

15 August 2022 19:55
Video of Drabinko swearing is posted online

"Hierarch" of the OCU Oleksandr (Drabinko) swore obscenely at one of the UOC priests who was against the "transfer" of his temple to the OCU.

A video of the OCU "hierarch" Oleksandr (Drabinko) swearing was posted online. In the footage published by the Telegram channel "About Church and People", Drabinko swore obscenely at the UOC priest who dismantled the throne and removed utensils and icons from his temple seized by the schismatics to save them from desecration.

The video captures the Dumenko supporter meeting with parishioners of the UOC church and OCU activists in the library. Discussing the attempted seizure of one of the UOC churches, the "hierarch" swore and continued: "His hands should be broken for what he did to the church when he dismantled the throne."

Caution! The video contains profanity.

As reported, OCU supporters led by Drabinko drove out the community of the church in Boyarka.

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