Metropolitan Sawa: It hurts me that RCC allows OCU to serve in its churches

Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland. Photo: press service of the Polish Church

The Primate of the Polish Church said that supporters of the OCU are allowed to serve in the churches of the RCC in Poland.

In an interview with polityka, Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw said that the RCC in Poland let their churches to supporters of the OCU for “services”.

“On Easter, Archbishop (Stanislaw – Ed.) Gondecki allowed Epifaniy’s representative to hold a service in a church in Poznań, i.e. to let some part of premises for use, which hurts me the most,” said the Primate of the Polish Church.

Metropolitan Savva also noted that when Metropolitan Lublin came to Kyiv, he met there with representatives of the UGCC and the RCC, as well as with Epifaniy Dumenko.

“If they didn’t want to visit Metropolitan Onuphry, because he is associated with Moscow, they could have gone to the monastery where the martyrs for the faith are buried – there are the relics of the saints killed by the communists – and bow to them. But they didn’t,” the Metropolitan added.

Explaining his position, he compared the OCU with the Lefebvre schism in Catholicism: “When the Lefebvrists came to me with a request to provide them with a temple for services, I refused. Even one of the Catholic bishops thanked me for this. We recognize the bans of the Catholic Church. How about Catholics...?"

Earlier, the UOJ reported that commenting on the criticism of the Polish Church about his actions in the country, Drabinko said, "I am ready to answer like Christ.”

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