Polish Primate: Uniates received approval to unite with OCU members

Epifaniy Dumenko and Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Photo: OCU

The Primate of the Polish Church claims that the Uniates received a blessing from their hierarchy to unite with the OCU.

Metropolitan Sawa of Warsaw and All Poland said that the UGCC received approval from the hierarchy to merge with the OCU. The Primate of the Polish Church said this in an interview published by the Rolityka resource.

“Now in Ukraine, due to the political and religious situation, the non-canonical Epifaniy is used to unite with the Uniates, i.e. Greek Catholics. Here, in Poland, the Greek Catholics received the go-ahead for such a union,” Vladyka Sawa added.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote about the plans, shared by Sviatoslav Shevchuk, to unite the UGCC and the OCU.

In March 2022, the heads of the UGCC and the OCU were called to hold a joint liturgy in the St. Sophia Cathedral.

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