Odessa Archdeacon: What about billboards with Dumenko near UOC churches?

Advertising banner of the head of the OCU. Photo: Screenshot of Andriy Palchuk's Facebook page video

Archdeacon Andriy Palchuk criticized billboards with "Metropolitan" Epifaniy, which are placed abundantly in Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.

On August 9, 2022, Archdeacon of the Odessa Transfiguration Cathedral Andriy Palchuk recorded a video, in which he criticizes the PR of the head of the schismatics, Epifaniy Dumenko, who appears on many billboards installed in the city. The video is posted on Palchuk's Facebook page.

“There are an endless number of billboards in Odessa featuring Epifaniy Dumenko, the head of the OCU and whatever words,” said the cleric of the UOC and expressed bewilderment about what the head of the schismatics has to do with Odessa, where there is an official hierarch, Metropolitan Agafangel, as well as operating Orthodox churches and monasteries. “And what did Dumenko personally and the OCU in general do for Odessa, for the state during the six months of the war?” wondered the archdeacon.

According to him, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church also places billboards, but they feature the Mother of God and “We trust in God” slogan, while the billboards of the OCU feature Dumenko.

Archdeacon Andriy Palchuk recalled that the Odessa diocese helps refugees, migrants, the needy, the military, medical workers and its activities are visible to everyone. The Church constantly holds processions with the cross, in the temples prayer is constantly offered. At the same time, believers of the canonical Church do not seize churches, as do the followers of the OCU, whose actions violate the laws of Ukraine. “The authorities have already recognized that this is a mistake and this should not happen, the letter of the law is on our side, on the side of the UOC,” he stressed, mentioning Orthodox lawyers who successfully defend the rights of the UOC in courts.

“The most amazing thing is that I see his face near my Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior. I think this is some kind of hint of the future?” ironically remarked Palchuk and invited all those who care to distribute his video.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote about how Dumenko expelled EMTs from the St. Michael Monastery.

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