OCU "cleric": The further, the less desire UOC communities have to join us

Hilarion Protsyk. Photo: Rivne Eparchy (OCU)

Hilarion Protsyk believes that the UOC communities have two ways out – either joining the OCU or a "suitcase-station" option.

The ruling "bishop" of the Rivne Eparchy of the OCU Hilarion Protsyk addressed the clergy and believers of the "Moscow Patriarchate", expressing concern about the lack of desire to move to his structure. The appeal was published on the Facebook page of the eparchy.

Protsyk said that until recently he has felt "a great upsurge and a really sincere desire of many communities and even priests of the ROCU to unite with the true Ukrainian Autocephalous Church", but now he feels "a strange complacency, and even some cold and hypocritical confidence of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine".

The "bishop" advised the clergy and believers of the UOC to remember the commandments about the love of neighbour and God, and also said that hatred and anger in friendly families only arise when "lousy traitors appear there".

Protsyk expressed his belief that UOC believers are "lovers of the Russian world" who should leave the country.

"I insist: either choose Ukraine or pack your suitcases or trunks and go with your private 'god' to Russia, because there really is what you are looking for – the 'Russian world'!" the 'hierarch' stated.

As earlier reported, Serhiy Dumenko is surprised by priests who do not want to defect to the OCU.

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