Parishioners in Pyrohivtsi: Fight on the front line, not with women

Olha, a parishioner of the UOC church in Pyrohivtsi. Photo:

Parishioners of the UOC in Pyrohivtsi appealed to the authorities for help.

Parishioners of the seized UOC church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Pyrohivtsi, Khmelnytskyi region, told the details of the church seizure, reports the Youtube channel "DOZOR on ‘Kozak 1’".

Parishioner Raisa said that during the seizure of the church there were representatives of the local authorities: Chernievych, Pekarsky, Dubovy and Matviyuk, and asked that this fact be drawn to the attention of all levels of government. 

"Healthy, tough guys. I want to ask: guys, you have nothing to do? Go to the front line and fight there, not here, with women. I ask the City Council, the Verkhovna Rada and Mr Zelensky himself to pay attention to this. We have democracy in Ukraine. Where is our democracy? Where is our freedom of speech? Where is our choice?" said Raisa, a parishioner of the St Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Church.

Raisa also addressed the President's wife Olena Zelenska.

"Couldn't this situation have been resolved peacefully? Did it have to come to this? People came against people. What were they dividing? The faith? Everyone knows there is only one God. Did they just come to have fun? I would like to turn to Zelensky's wife, what would she say to this? What thoughts would she have about it?" Raisa added.

"Is it really possible to throw a woman like that? Little children? Tell me, please, what was the reason for dragging the priest all over the territory? He prays for our village, for our children, for our land. Is this really the way to achieve peace in Ukraine?!" parishioner Tetiana wonders.

Parishioner Olha, who witnessed the seizure of the church in Pyrohivtsi, called for help to defend the Orthodox faith and the church.

"Good people, I appeal to the whole world with tears, with pain! I have lived many years, but I have never seen anything like this. We had peace, harmony and prosperity. The invasion was terrible, the world had never seen such a thing. They tore doors, crushed, beat people, threw them to the ground, ripped a vestment and a cassock on the priest, and threw him down. There were children squealing! Hear me! And think how you can stop such an atrocity. If you can, help us save our faith and our temple!” Olha, a parishioner, asked.

As earlier reported, OCU raiders in Pyrohivtsi seized a UOC church and beat a woman.


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