Korchynsky: Dumenko expells EMTs from St. Michael's Monastery

03 August 2022 17:48
Korchynsky: Dumenko expells EMTs from St. Michael's Monastery

Epifaniy told the paramedics to get out of the St. Michael’s Monastery, said Dmitry Korchynsky, leader of the Brotherhood party.

The head of the OCU, Epifaniy, “blessed” the “Paramedics” medical battalion to leave the territory of the St. Michael’s Golden-domed Monastery, where Dumenko’s residence is located, and find another place for themselves, leader of the Brotherhood political party Dmitry Korchynsky said on his YouTube channel.

“The EMTs are now playing a huge role at the front in the evacuation of the wounded <...>.  But Epifaniy told them to hit the road,” said Korchynsky.

The Paramedics are a volunteer organization of EMTs founded at the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in 2014. Korchynsky called their mission a huge Christian cause and recommended that Epifaniy recall what Christianity is.

“He says: ‘You interfere with the process of unity with the Almighty.’ That is, the salvation of the wounded ‘interferes’ with the Almighty <...>. Instead of telling his monks that they should all get involved in this business now – clean up their mess, do loading, offer help, go to the front with them, and so on, he said. ‘Hit the road’,” commented the leader of the Brotherhood.

Dmitry Korchynsky was indignant at such an attitude on the part of Dumenko. After all, “the OCU is the native church” and there are many chaplains in it, who are now at the front, he noted.

“What you practice is not Christianity. Christianity is not about ranting and not even about prayer. Prayer is very important and effective. But if this is only a prayer without nobility, without deeds, deeds of the EMTs, then your prayer is in vain,” Korchynsky turned to Epifaniy.

In conclusion, the Brotherhood leader advised Dumenko to repent or choose another confession. “Perhaps to return to the communists,” added Korchynsky.

As reported by the UOJ, Dumenko wrote to the Phanar with a call to deprive the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church of the patriarchal status.

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