Threat of war: Serbian churches in Kosovo sound the alarm

01 August 00:29
Threat of war: Serbian churches in Kosovo sound the alarm

The last time churches in Kosovo sounded the alarm was in 1999 when Yugoslavia was being bombed.

The Serbian churches in northern Kosovo are sounding the alarm due to the threat of war between Serbia and the partially recognised republic of Kosovo, reports the TG channel “Politika Strany”.

Church bells have been heard in northern Kosovo, populated by Serbs, and air-raid sirens have been sounded. This was also the case in 1999 when NATO began bombing Yugoslavia.

The situation between Serbia and the partially recognised republic of Kosovo began to heat up again after the Kosovars decided to force Serbs living in Kosovo to change Serbian passports and number plates.

Serbs are now preparing to block border crossings and build barricades. "I think we have never been in a more complicated and difficult situation than today," Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said.

According to Aleksandar Vučić, the Kosovo army was planning to attack northern Serbia at midnight, but, he said, "Serbs will no longer be persecuted; if anyone dares to persecute or kill Serbs in Kosovo, we will win."

In February 1998, armed conflict broke out between Albanian insurgents and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The fighting was initiated by Kosovo Albanians seeking independence for Kosovo and Metohija and resulted in numerous civilian casualties on both sides.

In March 1999, NATO intervened in the conflict and began bombing Yugoslavia. In June 1999, there was a mass exodus of the non-Albanian population (Serbs, Montenegrins and Roma) and numerous crimes against those who remained in the province, including Orthodox Christians. On 17 February 2008, Kosovo Albanians declared the Republic of Kosovo.

As earlier reported, between 2014 and 2020 there were 247 attacks on Serbian Orthodox Church churches in Kosovo.

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