Pope: God does not want the world to be governed by religious laws

A Catholic mass in Quebec led by a priest. Photo: religionnews.com

According to the Roman pontiff, it is not faith in God that is in crisis in modern society but the ways in which we present it.

On July 28, 2022, Pope Francis said during a Mass at St Anne de Beaupré Church in Quebec City that God does not want the world to be governed by religious laws, reports the “Religion News Service”.

The Pope told Canadian clergy and the faithful that "God does not want to make decisions for us or oppress us with a sacred power exercised in a world governed by religious laws".

"No! He created us to be free, and He asks us to be mature and responsible persons in life and in society," the pontiff stressed. 

“God seems to have disappeared from the horizon, and his word no longer seems a compass guiding our lives, our basic decisions, our human and social relationships,” he added.

Instead of trying to impose religion on the state or lamenting the bygone times when clergy swayed political power, the pope said, “secularization demands we reflect on the changes in society that have influenced the way in which people think about and organize their lives.” It’s not the faith that is suffering a crisis, he continued, “but some of the forms and ways in which we present it.”

The “Religion News Service” stressed that the Pope made the statement amid a debate in the USA about the role of religion in government and the state. 

As reported, the Vatican believes that LGBT families should be under the protection of the Church.

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