OCU raiders seize UOC temple and beat a woman in Pyrohivtsi

The parishioners of the UOC did not let the followers of Dumenko into the temple. Photo: Facebook page of Vladimir Pekarsky

A parishioner of the UOC suffered in a brawl organized by OCU raiders in Pyrohivtsi, Khmelnytsky region, in their attempt to seize the church of Paraskeva Piatnitsa.

On July 24, 2022, OCU activists, together with the head of the Khmelnitsky District Council, Alexander Cherniyevich, came to the church of St. Paraskeva Piatnitsa in Pyrohiivtsi village, Khmelnytsky district, to seize it and hand it over to the schismatics. This was announced by an employee of the Khmelnytsky City Council Vladimir Pekarsky on his Facebook page.

Authorities and aggressive activists of the OCU first threatened the believers of the UOC and then staged a brawl, trying to break inside. They tore off the handle of the door and beat several parishioners of the temple, as a result of which one of them, Ioanna Kravets, had to be taken to the emergency room.

According to Victoria Kokhanovskaya, the policemen present at the scene were inactive, and then they sealed the temple.

“There was the police and the investigative team and a lot of hubbub. By joint efforts, people entered the temple, but after consultations with the police, the temple was closed and sealed,” the official Pekarsky described the incident.

Parishioners of the UOC intend to defend their rights in court.

As the UOJ wrote, in Peskovka, Bucha district, OCU raiders welded up the doors of the UOC temple at night.

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