OCU raiders seize UOC church with the help of authorities in vlg Dmytrivka

18 July 20:48
OCU raiders seize UOC church with the help of authorities in vlg Dmytrivka

In vlg Dmytrivka, Kyiv region, the OCU supporters broke open the doors of the UOC temple with the help of the emergency lockunlock service in the presence of the police.

On July 16, 2022, representatives of the OCU, with the active support of the authorities and the police, broke into the premises of the church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Dmytrivka village, Bucha district, reports the website of the Kyiv Metropolis.

As the rector of the parish, Archpriest Serhiy Kobyliatsky, said, based on the minutes of the meeting of the Dmytrivka territorial community, changes were introduced to the state register, and the UOC community was re-registered as an OCU community. After that, activists of the OCU called the emergency lockunlock service and broke the locks on the doors of the temple, then in the presence of the Chairman of the Dmytrivka OTG, the new "rector" of the OCU, representatives of the National Police and the Armed Forces replaced the locks with new ones. The priest found out about what was happening when the OCU raiders had already changed the locks of all the parish premises, and hurriedly came onto the territory of the temple.

Representatives of the OCU threatened Father Serhiy and mockingly tried to hand him a summons to the military enlistment office. They told the priest that from now on he has nothing to do with the church, which he built with his own hands and whose parish he has been leading for 27 years.

Archpriest Serhiy Kobyliatsky filed a lawsuit in court, but it was rejected due to the "lack of elements of a crime."

We remind you that on June 6, 2022, OCU raiders already tried to seize the temple, after which the building was sealed. On the day of the feast of the apostles Peter and Paul, Fr. Serhiy performed a divine service in the open air. This was the last liturgy the UOC community managed to have.

As the UOJ wrote, OCU activists and a former cleric are trying to take over the UOC church in Zazymya.

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