OCU comments on the idea of merging RCC and Phanar

17 July 2022 19:52
OCU comments on the idea of merging RCC and Phanar

OCU representative Andrey Dudchenko said that if there is unity between Catholics and Orthodox, he personally welcomes such a step.

OCU cleric Andrey Dudchenko believes that unity between the Catholic Church and Phanar is possible, provided certain conditions are met.

According to him, "there is healthy ecumenism, a dialogue between the Orthodox." Life in harmony, mutual understanding. "My personal view is that we are all divided Christians, in fact there is one Christian family, and the differences between us are much smaller than what unites us," Dudchenko said.

In case of unification, he will welcome such a step.

"If there is unity between the Pope and Patriarch Bartholomew, unity in the sense of a certain fellowship in the future, I personally will certainly welcome such a step," said the representative of the OCU.

However, in the event of unification, the Catholic Church, according to Dudchenko, should not take over the Orthodox Church, as it should take place "in view of the principle of primacy, when Patriarch Bartholomew is the first among the leaders of all other Churches, and this primacy is not an empty sound, it should have a relevant connotation, viz. the primatial ministry."

"Also, in the Ecumenical Church for 1000 years, the bishop of Rome had primacy, and, of course, this primacy must be confessed; yet, primacy does not mean power over the entire Church," said the representative of the OCU.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that "Metropolitan" Mikhail Zinkevich stated that the OCU was awaiting another Tomos for a single "church", which will include all Orthodox confessions and Uniates.

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