Dumenko complains in London about discrimination against the OCU

Dumenko's speech at a conference on freedom of religion. Photo: pomisna.info

At an international conference on religious freedom, Epifaniy said that the OCU is under "constant pressure" in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

On July 5, 2022, at a conference on religious freedom organized by the British government, “Metropolitan” Epifaniy made claims against the Kremlin due to discrimination against the OCU in occupied Ukraine. The text of the speech is published on the OCU website.

The international conference in London brought together representatives of ministries, parliamentarians, religious leaders and social activists in order to exchange experiences on ensuring religious freedom in different countries.

“On the example of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, we are well aware of the false ‘values’ the Kremlin carries with it. The communities of our church, as well as the communities of most religious organizations in the occupied Crimea, in the occupied parts of the East and South of Ukraine, are under constant pressure,” Dumenko said.

In the speech of the head of the OCU, the emphasis was placed on the situation with freedom of religion in Russia. Dumenko called on the conference participants to "monitor and make public the specific facts of crimes against freedom" in the neighboring country.

“As in the days of communist persecution of religion in the Soviet Union, and now in Putin's Russia, the uncompromising attention of the international community to religious freedom is very important,” he said.

As the UOJ reported, in Kniazhpil, the OCU members, with the assistance of the authorities, tried to seize the temple of the UOC.

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