“European Solidarity” MP: European integration is our religion

Iryna Herashchenko has called Euro-Atlantic integration the religion of the “European Solidarity” party. Photo: a video screenshot from the Youtube "Rada TV channel".

“European Solidarity” MP Iryna Herashchenko said that the signing of the Istanbul Convention will bring Ukraine into the European Union.

A representative of the “European Solidarity” party, Iryna Herashchenko, has called Euro-Atlantic integration her party's religion. She said this on 20 June 2022 during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada dedicated to the ratification of the Istanbul Convention. The video of the meeting is posted on the Youtube "Rada TV channel".

"Our religion should be Euro-Atlantic integration," Herashchenko stressed, calling for a vote to ratify the Istanbul Convention. According to her, only "Europeanism that has become a principle" and the signing of the Istanbul Convention will bring Ukraine into the European Union. "As for our political team, I want to declare: Euro-Atlantic integration is our religion," the deputy from “Eurosolidarity” concluded her speech.

The UOC website highlighted that it was the “European Solidarity” party that actively promoted the political slogan of the election campaign "Army. Language. Faith", and the result of the politicians' interference in the religious life of Ukraine was the deepening of the split in Orthodoxy and the bringing to Ukraine of a paper called "Tomos" from Istanbul.

"Before that, it was believed that the Tomos is related to the existence of the Orthodox religion, on the basis of which the ‘OCU’ was created. Now the question has arisen whether the religious structure set up as a result of the political activity of the ‘European Solidarity’ party has anything to do with the Christian principles of morality, or the religious principles in the ‘OCU’ are based on entirely different ideas, such as the provisions of the ‘Istanbul Convention’?” the UOC Information and Education Department comments on Herashchenko's speech.

The UOJ studied the consequences that await Ukraine after the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.

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