The Pope speaks about a cordial and open dialogue with Russia

Pope Francis. Photo: VATICANMEDIA

The pontiff said he plans to travel to Russia to "serve the cause of peace."

During an interview in one of the residences of the Vatican, the Pope said that the Vatican and Russia are having an open dialogue, according to Reuters.

“The dialogue is very cordial, very diplomatic in the positive sense of the word, but at the moment everything is in order; the door is open,” said the pontiff.

Pope Francis also said that he planned to go to Russia to "serve the cause of peace."

“And now, perhaps, after I return from Canada, I might be able to go to Ukraine. First of all, I need to go to Russia to try to help, but I would like to visit both capitals,” the head of the RCC added.

As the UOJ reported, the Pope spoke about plans to go to Moscow and Kyiv after his visit to Canada.

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