German Diocese of ROCOR: We remain under ROC jurisdiction

Bishop Job (Bandmann) of Stuttgart. Photo: a screenshot from the Youtube channel Der Bote ROKA Deutschland

The ROCOR does not agree with the Patriarch's position but continues to commemorate him.

In an interview with the Youtube channel Der Bote ROKA Deutschland, Bishop Job (Bandmann) of Stuttgart, vicar of the Berlin and German Diocese of the ROCOR, said that the churches of the German diocese have not stopped commemorating Patriarch Kirill. 

"The ROCOR is an autonomous part of the ROC, we commemorate the Patriarch in services to express the unity of the Russian Church, but this should not be confused with political support or support for a personal position...," Bishop Job said.

"We do not entirely agree with the Patriarch's position, but the Western media give a distorted view of his position. It is not true that the Patriarch consecrates weapons for war and supports the idea of 'Russian peace' for territories outside Russia. Indeed, the Patriarch sees the current war in Ukraine in the context of a cultural clash between the East and the West and, in particular a clash of Eastern and Western values," the ROCOR bishop added.

As reported, a cleric of the UOC published a study about the small homeland of the deceased head of the ROCOR.

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