Daughter of Orthodox journalist Yan Taksiur: Father on trial for dissent

17 June 2022 22:07
Daughter of Orthodox journalist Yan Taksiur: Father on trial for dissent

The daughter of the writer Yan Taksyur said what her father is being charged for in court. 

Mariko, the daughter of Ukrainian writer, satirist and Orthodox journalist Yan Taksyur, published a video message on her Facebook page in which she described the details of his court case.

"My father is not a military man or a government representative, no military secrets are known to him. All he has is his word. Tell me, can’t a satirist in a democratic country in the 21st century have the right to express his opinion in his literary works?" said Mariko.

Taksiur's daughter noted that her father has lived all his life on the Ukrainian land, loves this nation and is not going to go anywhere from here.

She also said that psychological and linguistic expertise conducted for the trial concluded that the satirist's literary works undermine the sovereignty of the state.

"We have never been able to figure out which of Dad's poems violate the sovereignty or threaten the integrity of Ukraine," the literary man's daughter said.

According to Mariko, Yan Taksiur believes that he was not arrested for criticizing the authorities – he has always criticized and spoken openly – but for dissent.

The daughter of the Orthodox journalist announced a fundraiser for the legal support of the trial. She added that her father is not discouraged, does not grumble about his fate and stands firm thanks to the prayers of his family and friends.

"We thank everyone in advance for their help and believe that God does not leave His people," concluded Mariko.

Yan Taksiur was detained by SBU officers on 10 March 2022. For a long time, he was kept in a pre-trial detention centre without access to legal and medical assistance. Yan Taksiur's daughter appealed to the President to save her father. After the first court hearings, Mariko stated that her father's case was "hastily made up, with many blunders".

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