Advisor to OP head: Decisions of the UOC Council are a metahistorical event

Alexey Arestovich. Photo:

Alexey Arestovich stated that the decisions of the Local Council of the UOC on its full independence and autonomy speak of tectonic changes in the Church.

Alexey Arestovich, supernumerary adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine called the Resolutions of the Local Council of the UOC “metahistorical”, which testify to tectonic changes in the religious situation in Ukraine. Arestovich stated this on the day of the Council, May 27, 2022, live on the FEYGIN LIVE YouTube channel.

“The Council of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the former Moscow Patriarchate has just come to an end. They condemned the position of the primate of the Russian Orthodox Church on the war in Ukraine and decided on the full independence and autonomy of the UOC. Moreover, they turned to the OCU to resume the dialogue,” said Arestovich. “These are tectonic changes, just tectonic, a huge event. Against the background of the previously received Tomos (Missive issued by Patriarch Alexy in 1990 – Ed.), this is a metahistorical event that hits one of the pillars of this war.

The adviser to the head of the Presidential Office recalled that Metropolitan Onuphry officially condemned the invasion on the first day of the aggression of the Russian Federation.

“Note that he did it at a time when everyone expected Kyiv to be taken within 6 hours.

On a day when nothing was clear and many thought that Moscow was winning, the primate (and not he alone) managed to condemn the aggression. It means such a tendency had been maturing with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church much earlier than the aggression began,” Alexey Arestovich summed up.

Recall that on May 27, 2022, the Local Council of the UOC was held, which declared its full independence.

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