Holy Kinot of Mount Athos speaks out about war in Ukraine

25 May 2022 22:25
A cross at the top of Mount Athos. Photo: greece.ru A cross at the top of Mount Athos. Photo: greece.ru

Monks pray day and night for an end to the war in Ukraine, and hope that peace can only be achieved by returning to the spirit of the Gospel.

The Holy Kinot of Holy Mount Athos has issued a statement regarding the war in Ukraine and called on all the monks of the Holy Mount Athos to pray intensively for an end to it, reports the Greek resource “Romfea”.

The Athonites noted that "on the occasion of the war that began in 2014 in Ukraine between brothers and sisters united since time immemorial by a common faith and history in Christ", the Holy Mountain Religious Council "has long called on the Holy Hierarchs to increase their prayers and petitions to end it".

The Holy Kinate expressed "deep sorrow at the loss of so many of our brothers and sisters" and expressed solidarity with the victims of the conflict.

"Mount Athos, as a monastic state, following the commandments of love and brotherhood between people, given by our Lord Jesus Christ through the Gospel and the Church, prays unceasingly day and night for peace in the world and for peace in the aforementioned warring regions in particular," the document says.

Athos stressed that peace can only be achieved by "the God of peace and the merciful Father" through "a return to the spirit of the Gospel and sincere repentance of all (parties to the conflict - Ed.) so that love, truth and justice may reign".

"May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Protector and Guardian of our Holy Land, to whose intercession, as to that of all the saints, we turn, intercede before the Risen Christ for the achievement of the much-desired peace," reads the appeal of the Kinot of the Holy Mount.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the social networks revealed how Athos actually treats the OCU.

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