Rivne Eparchy: Radicals of OCU cut down a memorial cross set up by UOC

Schismatics sawed down the memorial cross which the UOC community had set up at the entrance to Demydivka. Photo: rivne.church.ua

Vandal adherents of the schismatic OCU have cut down a memorial cross installed by the UOC community at the entrance to the village of Demydivka, Rivne region.

On May 25, 2022, community members of St. John the Theologian Church in the village of Demydivka, Rivne region, installed an oak cross at the entrance to the village, but an hour later it was cut down and taken away in an unknown direction, reports the press service of the Rivne Eparchy.

"The cross is very heavy, eight men were installing it, it is simply impossible to carry it on the shoulders. I am convinced that the event of destroying the cross was planned," Archpriest Vasily Ivaneyko, rector of St. John the Theologian parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, commented on the situation. According to the priest, a few months ago he invited craftsmen to take measurements to install the oak cross. The OCU "priest" and his parishioners saw this.

"So he told me not to try because the Moscow cross will not be here; if we put it up, they will cut it down. I did not believe it was possible, because the cross is not a Moscow cross, it’s a cross of Christ," said Father Vasily.

There was a cross at this place before. As early as 15 years ago, at the request of the faithful, it was placed by the late rector of St. John the Theologian Church of the UOC, Archpriest Petro Kopach. Three months ago due to a strong wind, the cross fell down. Father Vasily cleaned up the place, burnt the old cross and ordered a new one. Today, it has been cut down and taken away by supporters of the OCU.

As reported, a priest was splashed with brilliant green in the face during a liturgy in Stryi.

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