In Sulymiv, Lviv region, OCU and Right Sector seize UOC temple

23 May 2022 00:52
In Sulymiv, Lviv region, OCU and Right Sector seize UOC temple

OCU activists had been preparing to seize the UOC temple in Sulymiv for a week.

On May 22, 2022, the Right Sector militants did not let more than 100 believers into the temple of the UOC of the Ascension of the Lord in the village of Sulymiv, Lviv region, additional locks were installed on the temple.

This was reported by the Pershy Kozatsky telegram channel.

At that time, there were about 50 OCU supporters in the temple, who performed their rituals.

According to local residents, as early as May 6, signatures were being collected in the village in order to “transfer” the UOC temple to the OCU. Secretly from the believers of the UOC, the temple was re-registered in favor of the OCU.

On May 20, representatives of local authorities invited Orthodox Christians to a meeting, where they announced the re-registration of the statute. The meeting was attended by two "clerics" of the OCU, the police and representatives of the UTC.

They demanded that the community give them the keys to the temple.

The parishioners of the Ascension church offered the invaders an alternate service, but they refused.

As the UOJ reported earlier, a priest was splashed with brilliant green in the face during the liturgy in Stryi.

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