Mural of the Virgin with Javelin ATGM painted in Kyiv

21 May 14:01
Mural of the Virgin with Javelin ATGM painted in Kyiv

“The Mother of God cannot be with weapons...”: the Network responded  to the appearance of the mural.

In Kyiv, at 13 Aviakonstruktora Antonova St, a mural of the “icon” of the Mother of God with the Javelin ATGM is being painted.

This was announced by the former deputy of the Kyiv City Council Andrei Andrieiev on his Facebook page. “Despite the war, we continue the series of murals on our street. Now the topic of philosophy is the philosophy of war,” wrote Andreyev.

“I thank our artist friends for the offer to bring such a project to life right now, and to Ivan Lisovoy for help in organizing it. It was with great pleasure that we offered to place this drawing here, because there had been an idea to make an ‘mural alley’ in Antonova Street for a long time. Soon. Come admire. Ukraine will win!” Andrieiev added.

The photographs of the mural show the contours of a woman with a halo, inside which tridents are depicted. She holds the American Javelin portable anti-tank missile system, designed to destroy armored vehicles and low-flying low-speed targets.

Already at this stage, one can see the similarity of the mural with the Orthodox icon. Most likely, in its final form, the image of the “Saint Javelin” will appear on the building – a drawing by Canadian marketer Christian Boris.

"Holy Javelina" Photo: screenshot of

In Ukraine, this image is called "The Mother of God with a Javelin."

The network responded ambiguously to the appearance of this mural.

For example, Faceboook user Ira Irina wrote under Andreyev's post: "The Mother of God cannot be with weapons ...". Solomiya Korinchevskaya answered her: “Ours can. We are passionaries.”

“Why confuse the sinful with the righteous?” Yulia Tetera wrote. “Something is slightly wrong here…”, agreed Anna LA Vi.

As the UOJ previously reported, the authors of The Virgin with a Javelin earned a million dollars for Ukraine.

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