UOC priest: What happened to Filaret will happen to the OCU

20 May 2022 21:52
UOC priest: What happened to Filaret will happen to the OCU

Archpriest Mikhail Varakhoba said that priests who lead their flock into schism doom themselves and their parishioners to spiritual death.

In a conversation with human rights activist Victoria Kokhanovskaya, the head of the Legal Department of the Khmelnytsky Eparchy, Archpriest Mikhail Varakhoba, said that priests who lead parishioners into schism commit a great sin and doom themselves and their flock to spiritual death.

“At first they (the priests – Ed.) said that they were for Filaret, now they say that they are for Epifaniy. Filaret made a split. Where is he now? He is not there; the OCU just threw him out. The same thing awaits the OCU,” Father Mikhail noted.

The priest also urged believers to immediately report to law enforcement agencies in case of violation of their right to freedom of religion.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that the Khmelnytsky Eparchy offered Orthodox lawyers to unite in order to protect the Church.

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