Ternopil Region: UOC is Russians who hurt feelings of believers in Ukraine

Monastyryska Mayor Andriy Starukh. Photo: Starukh's Facebook page

The city council of Monastyryska in the Ternopil region believes that one of the goals of the existence of the UOC is to store weapons in churches.

In the city of Monastyryska (Ternopil region), the deputies adopted a resolution in which they accused the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of trying to eradicate “everything Ukrainian”, of subversive activities, and even of insulting the feelings of believers. The document, adopted at the regular session of the city council, was posted on his Facebook page by Andriy Starukh, mayor of Monastyryska.

By this resolution, the UOC is declared "uncanonical organization that does not meet the religious needs of citizens." The document also notes that one of the tasks of the “Russians from the UOC” is the illegal storage of weapons in churches.

“Together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, state authorities and all institutions of the Ukrainian nation, we must beat the Moscow invaders on all fronts. Including those where they (Muscovites/Russians) dug in with the assistance of the Russian authorities, hostile the Ukrainian nation, through pressure, political terror, bribery or blackmail,” said Starukh.

He also boasted there was not a single temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the territory of Monastyryska and called on his colleagues to follow his example by joining the persecution of the Church.

As reported by the UOJ, by drafting bills to ban the UOC, MPs cite fake evidence of its "crimes" as justification.

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