Vatican Embassy opposes restrictions on any Churches in Ukraine

12 April 2022 00:04
Vatican Embassy opposes restrictions on any Churches in Ukraine

The Apostolic Nunciature said that the Vatican is against restrictions on Churches, which are currently being discussed in Ukrainian society.

The Vatican Embassy in Ukraine issued a statement in which it expressed its opposition to any restrictive measures against Churches and religious organizations, the Apostolic Nunciature reports on its official website.

The statement said that there is a public debate in Ukrainian society "regarding certain Churches, their legal recognition and the appropriate use of property".

"In this regard, the Nunciature considers it appropriate to note that the Holy See opposes any restrictive action against any Church or religious organisation in all countries and in any situation," the Vatican Embassy in Ukraine states.

As reported, the legal department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church issued an official statement regarding the bills aimed at banning the UOC's activity and confiscating its property.

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