UOC Сhancellor: Any logic that justifies the war is wickedness

05 April 17:49
UOC Сhancellor: Any logic that justifies the war is wickedness

Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary noted that the cause of wars lies in the abuse of freedom.

Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) of Boryspil and Brovary, the UOC Chancellor, said in a sermon posted on his YouTube channel that there can be no justification for military actions.  

"Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel – the names of these recently beautiful and flourishing towns have now become associated exclusively with humanitarian disaster, the horrors of death, devastation and intolerable pain. How is this possible in the 21st century, in the heart of civilised Europe? Has the past taught people nothing if they can do such things? What happened to those who committed these crimes against humanity? Yes, war is an absolute evil. It spares no one and nothing, there is nothing sacred in it. Any logic that justifies this evil is wickedness because there is not and cannot be God's goodwill for people to kill people," said Metropolitan Anthony.

According to the Archbishop, the cause of wars, as well as of human evil in general, is the sinful abuse of freedom, because the unclean heart of man is the source of evil thoughts.

He recalled that back in the Middle Ages Christians outlined the moral limits of war to tame the ruthless element of military violence. It was obvious to the ancestors that war must be waged according to certain rules which suggest that the opponents must remain human.

"One of the clear signs by which one can judge the righteousness or injustice of the belligerents is the methods of warfare, the attitude towards prisoners and the civilian population, especially children, women and the elderly. Right now, we see how many precious lives, how many houses, schools, kindergartens are destroyed in Ukraine, how many beautiful churches of God, which were the centres of prayer for peace and under fire became a haven for the homeless and now are in ruins," bitterly noted the UOC Chancellor.

Vladyka said that among the peaceful people, victims of this war, there are parishioners and priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. On March 28, the rector of the St. Nicholas Church in Irpin, Archpriest Vladimir Bormashev, reposed in the Lord. Despite the deadly danger, Father Vladimir did not leave his place of service and was with his flock. In the refectory room of the temple, every day there was prepared food for the needy. Refugees hid in the warm basement of the church building. After a shell landed in the church and did not explode, the rector blessed the parishioners to evacuate. As the last car was leaving, there was an explosion that killed one of the parishioners and mortally wounded Father Vladimir.

"Unfortunately, these stories are not isolated, and now we are just discovering the full extent of the terrible tragedy. All that we have seen makes us want to keep silent and pray in sorrow. All of us, our entire Church, all the priests and laity should rally today even more around our Saviour and intensify our prayers for the end of all this madness, for the repose of the souls of those taken away by this war," the Metropolitan urged.

"I would like to conclude this short address with the words of Paisios of Mount Athos: 'I would go mad from the injustice of this world if I didn’t know that the Lord God always has the last word,'" said Vladyka Anthony.

Earlier, Metropolitan Anthony of Boryspil and Brovary said that it is unfair to betray the UOC while its children are defending the country.

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