Schismatic Phanar communities in Australia and New Zealand join UOC-KP

Nektarios Alexandratos is a new "archimandrite" of the UOC-KP. Photo:

"Archimandrite" Nektarios Alexandratos, who is not a canonical cleric of the Orthodox Church, has joined the UOC-KP.

According to the decree of Filaret Denisenko of March 22, 2022, the parishes in Australia and New Zealand headed by "Archimandrite" Nektarios Alexandratos joined the UOC-KP, reports

"The Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand includes several communities with temples and cultural facilities in Australia, two communities with temples in New Zealand, one monastery in Vietnam and one in India. The parishes have Sunday schools, a mission for orphans and an educational school," the UOC-KP website says.

Australia and New Zealand are under the jurisdiction of the Constantinople Patriarchate. However, Nektarios Alexandratos himself does not belong to the clergy of the Archdiocese of Australia. Attempts by Archbishop Makarius to persuade Nektarios to join the Phanariot structure were unsuccessful. Alexandratos used to be a cleric of the Greek Church. 

As reported, the UOC-KP forgave the Synod of the GOC for not recognising the "ordination" of Chrysostomos Kallis

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