OP Head: Those calling for pogroms of churches are enemies of the state

Head of the OP Andrey Yermak. Photo: vesti.ua

The head of the Office of the President, Andrey Yermak, actually accused those who call for the pogroms of the UOC temples of working for the enemy.

Andrey Yermak, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, actually accused those who disseminate narratives around the religious conflict due to the presence of the “Russian Church” in Ukraine, of working for the enemy. He wrote about it in his Telegram channel.

“Recently, a huge number of disinformation publications and fake stuff have appeared in social networks, which are dispersed by Russian bots and ‘useful idiots’ in Ukraine,” said Yermak.

In his opinion, this indicates the use by the Russians of information and psychological operations with the aim of internally splitting Ukrainian society. Yermak emphasized there are two themes that are most often exploited to incite internal conflicts today:

- strife over the issues of joining NATO and the "wrong actions" of the army;

- ideas around the religious conflict due to the presence of the “Russian Church” in Ukraine. Calls for pogroms.

The Head of the Office of the President urged citizens to check the information, to be vigilant when analyzing publications and not rush to conclusions.

“Support our soldiers and Ukraine, because today we are all fighting a war for survival. This is the Patriotic War,” he said.

Andrey Yermak stressed that “the SBU is working. And we must not prevent them from doing their job against provocateurs.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote the rector of the UOC church was beaten and kidnapped in the Zhytomyr diocese.

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