Met Clement: The future of the UOC should be determined only after the war

Metropolitan Clement (Vecheria). Photo: press service of the Nizhyn Eparchy

The head of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the UOC said that all innovations within the Church should strengthen, rather than divide it.

In a conversation with journalists from BBC News Ukraine, the head of the Synodal Information and Education Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Clement of Nizhyn and Pryluky, resolutely denied any rapprochement with the OCU and stressed that before the end of the war, no serious hasty steps should be taken regarding the future fate of the UOC.

“The future of the UOC will be determined by the council, by the entire episcopate. Today not only bishops can’t gather together, but in some dioceses, like mine, the territory of the diocese is divided into several pieces and there is no connection between them,” Vladyka said.

The metropolitan also noted that it is not possible to convene a Bishops' Council in wartime.

“Therefore, ways of church life in the future from today’s perspective can only be generated at the level of individual reflections, which does not always correspond to real prospects. Real, legal, and therefore authoritative decisions can only be made by the Council of Bishops. Important things should not be done in haste and should not lead to new divisions, but to the strengthening of the unity of the Holy Church,” said Metropolitan Clement.

Also during the interview, Vladyka emphasized that the only canonical and viable Church in Ukraine is the UOC, headed by Metropolitan Onuphry.

Earlier, the UOJ reported that taking advantage of martial law, Phanar agents are promoting another schism in the Ukrainian Church.

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