Sviatogorsk Lavra gets under shelling

13 March 09:42
Sviatogorsk Lavra gets under shelling

Because of the hostilities, the temples of the Sviatogorsk Lavra and the premises where the brethren and refugees lived were damaged.

On March 12, during the shelling in Sviatogorsk, Donetsk region, the buildings of the Holy Dormition Sviatogorsk Lavra were damaged. As Metropolitan Arseniy, the abbot of the monastery, said the bomb fell near the bridge that connects the Lavra and the city of Sviatogorsk.

Almost all the windows in the Assumption Cathedral and the Protection Church were blown out and the Lavra hotel, where 520 refugees were staying at the time, including 200 children, was damaged, the UOC Telegram channel cites Vladyka. Some people were injured by glass fragments.

As reported, several UOC churches have already suffered because of the shelling. Priests and parishioners in all the eparchies have set up aid stations for the victims. At the same time, radicals and representatives of the military in western Ukraine have stepped up seizures of churches.

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