UOC speaks of the work of "Mercy Bus" in Kyiv during war

08 March 2022 21:10
UOC speaks of the work of

In Kyiv, a project of the Social Department of the UOC helps poor sick people who find themselves on the verge of survival because of hostilities.

The social project of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church "Mission of Mercy", which in January 2022 launched a "Mercy Bus" on Kyiv streets to help the homeless in the cold, continues to work in war conditions, helping the sick poor people with medicines, reports the UOC Synodal Department for Social and Humanitarian Affairs on its Telegram channel.

The sisters of St. Elizabeth’s Sisterhood of Mercy of Jerusalem and volunteers working on the bus are now focusing on diabetic patients, epileptics and people after major surgery who cannot afford to buy expensive medication. Lonely, abandoned elderly and disabled people also receive help.

"The sisters distribute food and medicines in metro stations where people are sheltered. If necessary, they provide first aid. We always leave our phone number with the people on duty. People call us all the time and we try to help everyone. The lonely, abandoned elderly and disabled people are in the most distressing situation now. They can't buy medicine or basic food," says Ekaterina Sharai, the senior sister at St. Elizabeth’s Sisterhood of Mercy of Jerusalem.

Now, most of the time is spent on fundraising, buying food and medicines, which “Mission of Mercy” volunteers deliver to those in need. 

On 4 March, “Mission of Mercy” employees delivered insulin to diabetics and infant food to children in the outskirts of Vorzel, where the fighting was taking place. The Mission also provides medical assistance to those in need at the Jerusalem Metochion in Kyiv.

The Social Department of the UOC notes that the “Mission of Mercy” now needs support, which the lives of hundreds of people in need may depend on. Thus, we need gasoline to distribute medicines and food, medical supplies, drivers with cargo vans, and volunteers.

You can help by contacting the "Mission of Mercy" at 097-410-24-85.

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