UOC organizes a project to support victims of hostilities

The UOC organized assistance to refugees and the needy. Photo: cherkasy.church.ua

The UOC is launching the “Church Helps” project to support victims of hostilities.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is launching the “Church Helps” project to support victims of hostilities, reports the Synodal Department for Social and Humanitarian Affairs on the UOC official website.

“Thousands of Ukrainians have found themselves on the brink of survival over the past week. People are losing their homes, they are unable to buy the most essential medicines and foodstuffs. In this difficult time for the country, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is launching the “Church Helps” humanitarian project to support those affected by the hostilities,” the website reports.

To implement the project, two communities have been created in the Viber messenger:

1. In the "Help" community, you can post a request for help. These applications will be reviewed by Orthodox volunteers and assisted according to their ability and location.

2. The “Help” community will bring together Orthodox volunteers who will post their offers of help here. Victims can view this information and contact humanitarian program coordinators.

3. Information and news of the "Church Helps" project will be posted on the page of the Synodal Department of for Social and Humanitarian Issues of the UOC.

"Let's do good together!" calls the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

As reported, the Primate of the UOC urged to work hard in Lent to end the war.

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