Zelensky thanks Patriarch Bartholomew for his support

28 February 2022 14:57
Zelensky thanks Patriarch Bartholomew for his support

Vladimir Zelensky on the phone thanked Patriarch Bartholomew for his support.

Vladimir Zelensky called Patriarch Bartholomew and thanked him for his support, reports the Press and Communications Department of the Constantinople Patriarchate.

"The President thanked the Patriarch for expressing the support of the Patriarchate of Constantinople for his troubled country and invited him to increase prayers for the Ukrainians' struggle for freedom and territorial integrity of their Homeland," reports the website.

Patriarch Bartholomew assured Zelensky of the Church's solidarity and its constant prayers for a ceasefire and an immediate end to military conflicts.

"Thank you for the warm conversation, Your Holiness Bartholomew. Your words are like hands supporting us in this difficult time. Ukrainians feel the spiritual support and power of your prayers. We hope for peace to come soon," Zelensky later wrote on his Twitter.

Earlier, the head of the Phanar frightened believers of a third world war that could start in Ukraine.

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